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Windows 10: How to protect your privacy and still install apps from the Microsoft Store

Windows 10 Install Store Apps Without Microsoft Account

For some Windows 10 users, guarding their privacy and preventing Microsoft from collecting personal data might take precedent over using certain Windows 10 features. There are plenty of settings to customize in order to prevent or limit Microsoft’s tracking, and many users have advised against creating a Microsoft account when prompted to make one.

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However, you need a Microsoft account to install apps from the Windows Store, which could pose a problem for many people. All the same, this doesn’t mean you can’t download apps from the store without one.

A new Lifehacker guide shows us how to install apps from the Windows Store without actually making a Microsoft account – this will prevent the company from associating all the data it collects about you with your identity.

The tips site says that you can make an account just for the Store, without actually switching to a full Microsoft account.

To do so, you have to launch Store from the Start menu, and then click the user icon next to the search box. Then, click on Sign-in from the menu and choose Microsoft account and log in.

This is where the crucial move comes. When the Make it your box appears, do not enter your password. Instead, just click Sign into just this app instead. Rinse and repeat, and you should be able to keep installing apps from the Store without having to manage a full-fledged Microsoft account.

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