Can’t wait to get your hands on some WiMAX goodies? Neither could we, so we headed down to the XOHM booth here at CES to get our fix. The company is working with Sprint and other partners to bring some 4G into our lives. It’s a noble mission, and if today’s demo is any inidication, they have some nice things in store for us. We got to play with an OQO 2 with embedded WiMAX. The unit is cosmetically identical to the existing retail version of the OQO 2, but it sports an integrated WiMAX radio instead of the current model’s EV-DO chipset. The difference, from our entirely non-scientific tests, is remarkable, with super fast download speeds. Overall we were very impressed. The booth also had a prototype of an Asus Eee PC sporting embedded WiMAX. The prototype didn’t seem to be terribly functional, but if the Asus can get this one off without raising the Eee PC price too much we think they’ll have a successful upgrade on their hands. XOHM told us that they are currently running a soft rollout in select markets, with wider commercial expected sometime around April of this year. Not too shabby, right?

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