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Uber offers tips for not getting sexually assaulted by its drivers

Uber Safe Ride Checklist

Uber has been taking some heat lately for alleged bad behavior by some of its drivers, including two arrests for sexual assault in the last two months. The Chicago Sun Times reports that the company is now trying to help its customers avoid such experiences by adding a safety checklist to its app that offers tips passengers should follow to make sure they don’t find themselves in a bad situation.

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The Safe Ride Checklist only has two items on it: First, it says you should make sure the license plate number in the app matches the one in the car that’s picking you up. Second, it says you should make sure that the name and picture of your driver in the app matches the one who’s driving the car. The Sun Times notes that this feature has been rolled out first in Boston and Chicago, which just happen to be the two cities where Uber drivers have been accused of raping passengers.

“Given there have been some accusations… we want to make sure everyone knows how to use the platform in the safest way possible,” explains Chris Taylor, who is the general manager of Uber in Chicago. “Educating people and providing tips on safety is a very responsible — doing nothing would be weak.”

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