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BlackBerry’s chief tormentor releases yet another knockoff keyboard for the iPhone 6

December 8th, 2014 at 9:00 PM
Typo Keyboard iPhone 6 Released

That sound you hear is BlackBerry’s legal team cracking its knuckles and getting ready to go back to work. Typo, the iPhone keyboard attachment accessory company cofounded by Ryan Seacrest, has again thumbed its nose at BlackBerry and has released yet another knockoff BlackBerry keyboard for the iPhone 6. BlackBerry has successfully won injunctions against Typo in the past for allegedly infringing upon its smartphone keyboard designs, although this hasn’t stopped the company from cranking out new ones.

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Typo CEO Laurence Hallier tells Re/code that his company is still in “ongoing litigation” with BlackBerry, which shouldn’t be too surprising given that new BlackBerry CEO John Chen has shown himself to be much more aggressive than predecessors when it comes to going after the company’s assorted nemeses, including people who leak new device details and mobile CEOs who don’t pay the company its proper respects.

Typo thinks it’s made enough changes to its keyboard’s design with the new iPhone 6 keyboard to avoid further litigation from BlackBerry, although we’re sure BlackBerry isn’t going to buy that argument all that easily. The new Typo started shipping last week and costs $99 for any iPhone users who feel they just have to have a physical keyboard.

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