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Forget all-wheel drive, speed and battery efficiency, this is the Tesla D’s coolest new trick

Tesla Model D Specs, Features and Release Date

As previously teased, Elon Musk on Thursday unveiled its brand new Tesla models, bringing several interesting features to its electric cars, including all-wheel drive, faster speeds, improved battery efficiency, and a cool new trick that might make you want to purchase one a Tesla even more than before.

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Tesla’s brand new D car looks just like Model S but packs two motors, one in the front and one in the back. The extra electrical motor helps it get from 0 to 60mph in 3.2 seconds (a second faster than the regular Model S) and reach up to 155mph (up from 130mph). The car’s efficiency and range have also been significantly increased, with the 85D and P85D models reaching 295 miles and 275 miles on a charge, respectively, with the 60kWh battery version reaching 225 miles — the S versions will have a range of 265 miles, 265 miles and 208 miles, respectively.

“This car is nuts. It’s like taking off from a carrier deck. It’s just bananas,” Musk said at the announcement event, according to Wired.

That said, the most important feature Model D is getting — the Model S versions are also going to receive it — is a smart auto-pilot mode that can do some amazing things, albeit Tesla isn’t ready to let it drive by itself on open roads, as the system is not quite there yet, and regulations aren’t in place to allow automakers to deploy fully autonomous cars.

The Teslas will have a radar that can see through fog and snow, image recognition camera that can see traffic signs, lights and pedestrians, 360-degree ultrasonic sonar, and a smart system that can combine all the information it receives from sensors with GPS, navigation and traffic systems.

The result is added protection, and a slew of interesting features meant to increase safety. The cars will have adaptive cruise controls, and will be able to read speed limit signs. Furthermore, Teslas will be able to stop if an imminent crash is detected, stay in a lane or automatically change it, take over control in case the driver falls asleep and prevent the car from steering into danger zones, park itself in a street spot and/or garage, and automatically pick up the owner (but only available on private property.

The Model D will be available starting with December (starting at $120,170 for the P85D), although the cheaper 60kWh and 85kWh battery models will only arrive in February (with prices starting at $75,070 for the 60D and $85,070 for the 85D). The “Tech Package with Autopilot” will cost an additional $4,250. The new Model Ds can already be ordered on the company’s website (see source link below).

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