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T-Mobile just put Sprint’s ‘Framily’ plans to shame

T-Mobile Vs. Sprint Family Plans

Anything Sprint tries to do, T-Mobile is determined to try to do better. T-Mobile on Monday unveiled a new family plan that will cost $100 per month for four separate lines and offer a total of 10GB of LTE data, or 2.5GB per line. In contrast, Sprint’s most comparable “Framily” plan costs $160 per month and offers a mere 4GB of data total, or 1GB per line. You can get an unlimited-data Sprint “Framily” plan, of course, but it will cost a total of $240 per month since the unlimited option costs an extra $20 per line.

The T-Mobile plan also looks pretty good when compared to similar plans from AT&T and Verizon — both of those carriers will give you 10GB of data total for four lines but they’ll charge you $160 per month for it. The one big caveat to the T-Mobile plan is that while Verizon and AT&T let you share your data across all your lines as you see fit, T-Mobile is restricting it to 2.5GB per line, meaning that if you go over 2.5GB on your line you’ll get throttled down to slower speeds even if others on your plan are well under their 2.5GB thresholds.

All the same, T-Mobile won’t charge you overage fees for exceeding your data caps so this plan really does seem like a sweet deal no matter how you slice it. Be sure to check out T-Mobile’s chart comparing deals across different carriers below.

UPDATE: Brad Molen has spotted some fine print for the new T-Mobile plan — apparently it will only offer 10GB of data for the first 16 months, after which it will go down to 4GB per month, much like Sprint’s “Framily” plan. That said, this still looks like a better deal at $100 per month, even if the 10GB monthly allotment only lasts for a year and four months.


Prior to joining BGR as News Editor, Brad Reed spent five years covering the wireless industry for Network World. His first smartphone was a BlackBerry but he has since become a loyal Android user.