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T-Mobile to have 3G by Summer, Android handset by end of 2008

Updated 4 years ago
Published Feb 12th, 2008 12:23PM EST

Alright, so this is probably a bit too little, too late, but T-Mobile has just let slip their plans for the oft-rumored American 3G data network. According to comments made by CEO Hamid Akhavan, the company plans to roll out their 3G network in the States by sometime this Summer. There have been a significant number of delays, as the network was originally supposed to deploy in 2007, but Akhavan seems confident that the network will be quite “robust” when it launches in major metropolitan areas. The CEO also claimed that it will be “the best 3G network in the country,” though we’ll certainly reserve judgement on that front until it actually arrives. It’s good news, but we can’t help but think the impending 4G network launches from certain other carriers might render this deployment DOA. In other news, T-Mobile has also confirmed that they will be offering an Android-based handset by the end of 2008. There’s no word on what the actual hardware will look like, but we suppose vaguely good news is better than no news, right?


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