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Sprint app leaks LG Optimus B, LG Q, Motorola Sunfire, Samsung Chief

According to an image from Android Central, the SprintID application that is used on several of Sprint’s Android devices to customize the user interface has accidentally leaked a number of unannounced Sprint phones. The models include the LG Optimus B — assumed to be the Optimus Black — the LG Q, the Motorola Sunfire, and the Samsung Chief. It’s unclear what the LG Q or the Samsung Chief phones are, although we suspect the Chief could be a codename for a possible Galaxy S II launch in the United States or for the recently leaked Samsung Conquer. It’s also likely that the Sunfire is the Motorola Photon 4G, given that Sprint just held a joint event with Motorola in NYC and a launch in the coming weeks would make sense. Hopefully we’ll find out more about these phones this summer.


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