The bulk of Raspberry Pi production moved from China last September to one of Sony’s factories in Wales. The Raspberry Pi Foundation this week announced that the U.K. plant has now produced more than 500,000th units in a little over six months. Weekly production of the popular credit card-sized computer is now said to be around 40,000 units in the U.K. facility alone, and that number “is set to climb further.” The company wouldn’t go into further detail, although it did confirm that it sold its millionth Pi unit in January, adding that there will soon be “more Made in the U.K. Pis in the world than their Made in China cousins.”

“In June we scheduled 204 units per week. By July that had climbed to 10,000 units per week – this month we will achieve 38,000 output per week, and this is just the beginning,” Gerald Kelly, the GM of Sony’s Pencoed plant, said. “The future is about higher volumes and accessories such as a camera board. Current total forecast for Pi products indicate that 1,000,000 output will be achieved sometime in July this year.”

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