The Nexus X — also known as the Nexus 6, also known as the Nexus “Shamu” — has scored better than any other smartphone now on the market, according to Geekbench, which also suggests that the device’s specs will be a thing to behold.

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Rumored to release sometime this month, the new phone from Google should be the next big phone that every Android fan will try to get their hands on. It comes in at a whopping 5.9 inches and wows the eyes with a Quad HD (1440 X 2560) resolution display and is powered by the Snapdragon 805 chipset. It also scores higher than the LG G3, Samsung Galaxy S5, and the iPhone 6 in certain areas.

Sure, it has the impressive specs, but when it comes to single-core results, according to Geekbench, the iPhone 6 still reigns supreme. Have a look at Geekbench’s results below:

Those multi-core results dominate every other competitor on the market, but the iPhone 6 still conquers the market with single-core by a substantial amount. You can head on over to Geekbench to get the full-spec comparison to the other top phones on the market, but it’s looking like the Nexus X really might be the Android phone you’ve been dreaming of this year.

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