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Video: Nancy Grace gets humiliated by 2 Chainz in a debate on legalizing pot

Published Jan 14th, 2015 8:55AM EST
Nancy Grace Vs. 2 Chainz Pot

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No one will ever accuse rapper 2 Chainz of being a presidential-level debater. That said, he didn’t have to be when he went up against Nancy Grace in a debate on legalizing pot this week because Grace did just about the worst job advocating against pot legalization that we’ve ever seen. And yes, her arguments were so bad that we have a hard time really believing she once had a successful career as a prosecutor.

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Why is Grace’s performance so terrible? Largely because her entire argument against legalizing pot boils down to trial-by-anecdote. She finds a couple of horror stories involving terrible behavior by parents who happened to be pot smokers, throws up her hands and yells to 2 Chainz, “Think of the children!”

Of course, there are plenty more horror stories out there involving bad parents and alcohol, but no one right now is arguing that we should bring back prohibition in an effort to prevent them all from happening.

In response, 2 Chainz makes the sensible point that legalizing pot would take out a lot of criminal behavior associated with dealing the drug and also free up space in overcrowded prisons. It’s the not best debate performance we’ve ever seen but when you’re going up against Nancy Grace and her Anecdotes of Doom, it doesn’t have to be.

Check out the whole thing below.

Brad Reed
Brad Reed Staff Writer

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