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Motorola looking to replace CEO?

As Motorola continues to lose market share to its ever growing competition, the company may be moving to look for a replacement for current CEO Ed Zander. Zander has had a tumultuous ride as CEO. He ushered in record profits during the “era of the RAZR,” but has had significant trouble as of late as he has struggled to keep the company relevant and profitable in the rapidly changed landscape of the worldwide wireless industry. Motorola’s board of directors has held meetings with at least on potential CEO successor, former MCI boss Michael D. Capellas, and may be looking at promoting current COO Greg Brown. The company hasn’t made any official statements, but speculation about their motivation for moving the annual analyst meeting from July 23rd until September is high, with many analysts speculating that they might be buying time to find a replacement for Zander. It’s clear that Motorola needs to move in a new direction, and leaks like the Sidekick Zante sure don’t help and replacing their current CEO could be a move in the right direction. Sorry, Zander…but just so you know, we’ve always got a place for you here at BGR. Zander’s Corner, anyone?

Thanks, Joyce


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