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Live from T-Mobile's CTIA press event

Updated Dec 19th, 2018 6:34PM EST

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11:55 AM: We’re here!  I have to be honest, I live in a 1000 square-foot apartment and have closets bigger than the room this press event is being held in, but hey…big things come in small rooms?

11:57 AM: Liftoff is at 12:15 PT so sit tight.

12:03 PM: They have an HTC HD2 here to entertain us…why not a few pics…

12:04 PM: Screen is hot, flash support is hot. Phone in general is hot.

12:05 PM: T-Mobile representative just said, “new toys, and an enhanced network.” Let’s get this thing going!

12:15 PM: Speaking today: Cole Brodman, Chief Technology and Innovation Officer and Neville Ray, Senior VP Engineering & Operations.

12:19 PM: Starting up. Cole Brodman is speaking first. Subjects are mobile broadband and devices.

12:20 PM: T-Mo user base is very young, send way more text messages than any other network. Average 650/user. Over 1-billion sent on New Year’s Day alone.

12:21 PM: Neville is up, talking about high speed network roll-out.

12:21 PM: 2G covers 96% of America, 47,000 cell sites, 3G covers over 200 million Americans, “most modern 3G network of any carrier” those are their words, not ours.

12:23 PM: Talking about HSPA+ deployment, claiming that the T-Mo HSPA+ clocked speeds faster than Clearwire’s 4G network.

12:25 PM: Who has HSPA+ (and the necessary backhaul) New York City, New Jersey, Long Island, Washington DC, Las Vegas Strip area (how convenient) and coming soon to LA.

12:25 PM: Over 100 metro areas will be covered by HSPA+ by the end of 2010. “Nobody is coming close to that reach at these speeds at this rate.”

12:28 PM: The HSPA+ upgrade is basically a software upgrade due to how late the T-Mo 3G network was deployed.  “HSPA+ will rival the speeds to LTE.”

12:28 PM: Rolling out new 3G services in new spectrum purchased several years ago.

12:29 PM: Telstra in Australia has a HSPA+ network running at 42Mb/s.

12:31 PM: Cole is back on.  Some fun stats: in U.S. 1 in 5 households are mobile only. 60% of T-Mo customers choose 3G smartphones. Average Android smartphone user on T-Mo uses 20x more data than a regular smartphone user.

12:33 PM: ANNOUNCEMENT: Launching first netbook with partner Dell.  Dell Mini 10 with Windows 7 Starter Edition and N450 Processor. Will be HSPA+ capable and allow for up to 8-hours of continuous usage. Will be available tomorrow in several cities: LA, Dallas, Miami, and Chicago.

12:35 PM: Three new smartphones launching tomorrow: Nokia Nuron, HTC HD2, and CLIQ XT. We’ve gone over all these, we’re not going to beat you to death with the specifications.

12:39 PM: “Most robust lineup of Android devices.”

12:40 PM: Trying to match great value with unmatched services. Network footprint, voice/data plans, and customer service.

12:46 PM: The formal announcements have ended.  We’ve moved onto Q&A.

12:47 PM: We’re bouncing.  Sprint event is next at 1:30 PT.  See you then!