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Lines already forming at NYC Apple store for iPhone 3G?

Yeah, the answer would appear to be “Yes!” Roughly 1 week before the new iPhone 3G becomes available, there seems to be a line forming in front of the 5th Avenue Apple Store. The collection of folks has formed with the specific intention of breaking the world record for longest time waiting in line. If you ask us, it’s not the most effective use of 7 days of your life, but if breaking obscure and meaningless records is your thing, you might want to jog down and latch on to this gravy train. Given the slightly diminished demand for the new iPhone relative to last year’s bum rush, coupled with Apple’s tendency to meet initial consumer demand for new products, we don’t think you’ll need to hit the line more than 30 minutes or so before the doors open to secure a handset on the 11th, but extreme measures never hurt a soul, right? Unless you’re an infant waiting in line because you parents forced you so you could break the above meaningless world record.


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