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Kim Dotcom says the Obama White House used his arrest to rake in Hollywood campaign cash

Kim Dotcom Obama Hollywood

Kim Dotcom made his triumphant comeback last week, but that doesn’t mean he’s toning down his accusations against the Obama administration and its connections to the 2012 raid on his mansion that led to his arrest. In an interview with RT, the Mega founder said it was no coincidence that the American government directed the raid of his mansion just as the campaign season was rolling around last year. What’s more, Dotcom accused the Obama administration of using his arrest as a major fundraising chip to raise campaign cash for the president’s reelection campaign.

“The timing is very interesting, you know?” Dotcom mused. “Election time. The fundraisers in Hollywood set for February, March [and] April. There had to have some sort of Plan B, an alternative for SOPA [the Stop Online Piracy Act], because the president certainly was aware — and his team at the White House was aware — that if they don’t have anything to give at those fundraisers, to those guys in Hollywood who are eager to have more control over the Internet, they wouldn’t have probably raised too much.”

This past summer, Dotcom claimed that vice president Joe Biden ordered the federal government to shut down his file-sharing site, although the government has long denied that Biden had anything to do with the raid.

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