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Yes, someone has finally built Marty McFly’s auto-lacing shoes

Kickstarter Powerlace P-One Auto-Lacing Shoes

Back to the Future fans are surely familiar with Marty McFly’s special auto-lacing shoes from the future, and many of them may have been dreaming about wearing them one day. Interestingly, as we’re getting closer to 2015, the year when Marty arrives in the future, a company is getting ready to launch the first shoes with auto-lacing capabilities — and while the Powerlace P-One shoes look nothing like the sneakers in the movie, they certainly seem able to get the job done.

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The company has taken to Kickstarter to launch its first auto-lacing shoes, looking to raise some $650,000 CAD (around $577,000) to make the project a reality. A pair of P-Ones costs $175 CAD ($155) if you can still get in on the early bird deal, or $195 CAD ($173).

With 56 days left to reach its goal, the team has already raised over $19,500 CAD, and should start shipping the shoes in May 2015 if funding is successful.

The Powerlace shoes have a simple mechanism for auto-lacing, which doesn’t involve any voice commands, complex chips, apps, batteries or motors.

“The new auto-lacing system paves the way for efficient hands-free shoelace tying made possible by Powerlace. Simply slide your foot into the shoe and adjust the lace’s tension as you deem necessary. To reverse the process and loosen up the shoelaces, the activation of the small lever at the lower back-end of the shoe is all that is required,” the company says.

A video showing the Powerlace P-One shoes in action follow below.

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