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Incredibly cool GIF shows what it’s like to unlock every single iPhone model at once

iPhone 6 iPhone 6 Plus Lock Screens

It’s looking more and more like we’re in for a week of seriously cool iPhone-related GIFs. A new GIF posted on Reddit over the weekend shows all 10 iPhone models ever released lined up in a row getting unlocked at the same time with one continuous swipe across all of their Slide to Unlock buttons.

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The GIF is pretty self explanatory: Every iPhone ever released — even the iPhone 5c! — gets unlocked with a single broad stroke. For good measure, the GIF even includes boxes for the devices above.

One amusing aspect of this is to see how laggy the first-generation iPhone is when it unlocks compared to all the other models — why iOS’s performance has certainly gotten faster with every new model released, you can see a significant difference between the how quickly the original iPhone unlocks and how quickly the iPhone 3G unlocks.

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