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Video: New iPad Pro concept goes where Apple has vowed to never tread

iPad Pro Concept Video

The latest rumors indicate that Apple is working on a giant version of its iPad that will be tailored more toward education markets and perhaps business markets as well. But just because this so-called ‘iPad Pro’ will be more like a PC than Apple’s traditional tablets, that doesn’t mean that Apple will pull an all-out Windows 8 by giving users the option to switch between an OS X-style desktop view and an iOS-style mobile view. In fact, Apple executives have said repeatedly that trying to merge OS X and iOS would be a “waste of energy.”

Nonetheless, that hasn’t stopped Italian consulting company SET Solution from creating a nice-looking iPad Pro concept video that shows OS X running on a larger version of Apple’s tablet. SET imagines that iPad Pro as a 13-inch tablet that has almost no bezels and that easily integrates with a standard keyboard and mouse. For the record this is the second iPad Pro concept video that SET has made, although in the first one the imagined tablet ran only on iOS 7 instead of a desktop OS. The full video follows below.

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