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How To Clean Your Disgusting, Bacteria-Infested Smartphone Without Ruining It

How To Clean Smartphone Screen

People are gross, and people touch their smartphones constantly throughout the day. As such, it stands to reason that smartphones are generally pretty gross. Think about it — how many times has someone handed you his or her phone to show you something, and you do your best to keep from dry heaving when you see all of the greasy smudges and dirt on the screen.

Do us all a favor: don’t make your friends and family want to vomit. Use these simple tips to clean your iPhone or Android phone’s screen before you hand it over.

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We’ve talked before about how disgusting smartphone screens generally are, and now Digital Trends has put together a nice quick posts that go over how to clean them.

Just as important, the blog also covers things you should definitely avoid when cleaning your smartphone. For example, Purell is great for cleaning your hands quickly in a in pinch, but you shouldn’t use alcohol-based cleaners on your smartphone. Instead, use a piece of scotch tape to lift off most of the grease and grime, and then use a microfiber cloth to finish the job.

If you really want to make sure that you’re not just removing surface dirt but also killing bacteria, use a device with UV light instead of alcohol-based cleaners like Purell, or bleach-based cleaners like Clorox wipes.

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