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GVdialer puts Google Voice on your mobile handset

Google’s mobile site for Google Voice is a nice gateway solution while Google’s team works on a more integrated mobile offering, but it leaves plenty to be desired. Having to click or poke your way through your browser each time you want to make a call can be a pain to say the least. As such, it was only a matter of time before a third-party developer answered the call, so to speak, and worked out a better way to use Google’s service on mobile phones. We’re sure you see where we’re going with this by now… Mobile Max recently introduced a beta version of its app, GVdialer, on a wide range of platforms and we have to say, we’re already addicted.

Shown above on a BlackBerry Bold, the app allows you to route calls seamlessly via Google Voice without the need to do anything differently when making calls. Dial a number or access a contact, press send and viola. The top image above shows the UI, simple as it is, where you can set the app to handle outgoing calls one of five different ways:

  1. Use Google Voice for all outgoing calls
  2. Use Google Voice for all outgoing international calls
  3. Use Google Voice for all outgoing domestic calls
  4. “Ask me on every call”
  5. Off

We opt for option number four, where each time a call is dialed and send is pressed, the app asks if the call should be routed normally or via Google Voice (second image above). If Google Voice is selected as the routing option, the call will be connected via Google’s switches and your Google Voice number will appear on the recipient’s caller ID. By selecting one of the first three options above of course, you will forgo that extra step and calls will automatically be routed through Google.

The app is still young but it does have some additional features worth mentioning such as quick and easy access to your voicemail, inbox and even Google 411. On the other hand there’s plenty more we’re waiting for; first and foremost, SMS integration. GVdialer is available for BlackBerry, Symbian (S60 3rd), Android, iPhone and Windows Mobile, with additional support coming soon for feature phones. The app will run you $9.99 which isn’t terrible — provided Google doesn’t push out a better, free solution in the next month or so — but there is a more-than-ample free 30 day trial to ensure the app is right for you before coughing up the dough. Our advice: if you have a Google Voice account you definitely need to check it out.


Zach Epstein

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