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UK government wants Google to block piracy sites like it blocks child abuse pics

Google Piracy Website Blocking

Watching an unauthorized Game of Thrones torrent is now apparently on par with downloading child pornography. PC Pro reports that United Kingdom members of parliament have issued a report that says Google should start outright blocking notorious piracy websites such as The Pirate Bay from its search results. In making their case, the MPs said that if Google was able to block websites and images that depicted child abuse or pornography then it should certainly be able to do the same for piracy sites.

“We strongly condemn the failure of Google, notable among technology companies, to provide an adequate response to creative industry requests to prevent its search engine directing consumers to copyright-infringing websites,” the MPs wrote in their report. “We are unimpressed by their evident reluctance to block infringing websites on the flimsy grounds that some operate under the cover of hosting some legal content.”

The U.K. parliament’s criticism of Google comes amid fresh pressure from the Motion Picture Association of America, which last week engaged in another bout of ritual foot-stamping by demanding Google do more to end online piracy.

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