Google on Thursday posted an infographic detailing the usage of its latest email-killing product, Inbox by Gmail, while simultaneously offering users the chance of getting free Inbox invites for a 24-hour period.

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The company says that 70% of Inbox users are enjoying Inbox on Android, 28% on iPhone, and 34% of all users are doing it on the web.

The infographic mentions several other Inbox features, and how they’re used, including Bundles, Highlights, Assists, Reminders and Snoozes.

For example, Google says that 33% of bundles are promotions coming from companies, with 60% users swiping away bundles twice a day. Highlights are also closely related to commercial purchases, with 51% of them being purchase and package tracking emails.

Some of the most popular assists help users find phone numbers and website shortcuts. As for reminders, 41% of users are snoozing Inbox reminders, with 36% of users snoozing 6 times a week.

To get an invite for Inbox, users simply have to send an email to from a Gmail address before 9 a.m. PST on Friday.

The full infographic follows below.

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