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Watch: GTA V player attaches a massive ramp to a truck, creates hilarious chaos

Updated 4 years ago

Oh, Grand Theft Auto V. Is there any game out there that lends itself to hilarious mayhem as much as you? The answer is “no” and a new video posted by YouTuber BlackSmoke Billy reminds us why. The video shows how BlackSmoke Billy used mods to add a ramp to the front of a truck that he proceeded to drive the wrong way down a highway, launching multiple cars into the air as he went.

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So that’s pretty good. But BlackSmoke Billy decided that he could make an even bigger ramp that could create even more chaos. And it looked like this:

So it’s safe to say that this new ramp — which appears to be a barge that’s flipped over on its side — is capable of wrecking every car in Los Santos that is foolish enough to venture onto the highway.

And you can’t even imagine the carnage that occurs when he puts the truck in reverse.

Check out the whole video below.

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