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BlackBerry Pearl 2, BlackBerry Curve 8310, BlackBerry 8820 slides leaked

While there’s not a whole lot here that we haven’t already told you about, it’s always nice to see some tangible proof in front of us, ya know? The BlackBerry 8310 and BlackBerry 8320 are old hat, with versions in various forms floating around for a while now. The BlackBerry 8820 slide is also a bit long in the tooth, though it’s interesting to note that RIM appears to be referring to this as “the most feature-rich BlackBerry device ever!” Ok, guys, like whatevs. The BlackBerry Pearl 2, or 8130 news, however, contain a couple of nice tidbits. The big news is that there are, in fact, CDMA and GSM variants planned. The devices will be very similar, though the CDMA version will have GPS and no Wi-Fi, while the EDGE-capable GSM variant will sport Wi-Fi but no GPS. Whack! Expect it to drop sometime in the “Fall of 2007”. Check out the full run down after the jump, including some specifics on upcoming revisions to the BlackBerry JDE — there are way too many changes to list here. Peep the pics for the full details.

P.S. RIM is going to include streaming media support in their browser, right? But get this — you have to use either WiFi or EVDO. BlackBerry 9xxx, where art thou?

Thanks, Nicole!


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