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This brilliant new case gives your iPhone a second display

Best iPhone Cases PopSlate

Smartphones with dual displays have never really take off but one new iPhone case is hoping to change that. The popSLATE case is a very clever new accessory that you can attach to your iPhone to give yourself a smaller black-and-white rear display on the back of the device. The case itself features a microcontroller, on-board memory and a dual-mode Bluetooth chip, so it’s like another mobile device in and of itself.

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Apps from your phone can use Bluetooth connectivity to send images to the case’s rear display so you can have certain key information — including maps you’ve pulled up, digital boarding passes, to-do checklists and calendars — on the back of the display while you use your smartphone’s front display for other functions. What’s particularly cool about this display is that it’s an ePaper display that’s been designed to be easily visible no matter the lighting so you’ll never have trouble looking at the information you want on it.

The case is available for the iPhone 5, the iPhone 5s and the iPhone 6 and it costs $129 to order. While this is pretty expensive for an iPhone case, it also does a lot more than most iPhone cases. Check out a video on the popSLATE case below and go look at the company’s official website if you want to learn more.

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