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8 awesome paid iPhone apps you can get for free right now

Updated Dec 19th, 2018 8:52PM EST
Best Free iPhone Apps

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After sharing another nine awesome paid iPhone and iPad apps with you on Tuesday that were all available for free for a limited time (some of them are still on sale if you hurry!), we’re back today with another eight iOS applications that are normally paid downloads but have been made free for a limited time. There are a few gems on today’s list, including one app that is an amazing stress reliever, so you should definitely get a move on if you want to make sure you catch them all while they’re free.

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These are paid iPhone and iPad apps that have been made available for free for a limited time by their developers. There is no way to tell how long they will be free. These sales could end an hour from now or a week from now — obviously, the only thing we can guarantee is that they are free at the time this post is published. If you click on a link and see a price listed next to an app instead of the word “free,” it is no longer free. The sale has ended. If you download the app, you will be charged.


Normally $0.99, currently free.

List is a listing app without the hassle, easy and minimal.

– Tap on an item to put it as completed
– Easy sharing by pulling the list.
– It only shares the non-completed
– Emoji support
– iOS 8 Ready
– iPhone 6 & 6 Plus ready

Download List


Normally $0.99, currently free.

Pixagogo is a fun and easy way to explore Instagram pictures of places and people nearby or any location in the world.

Browse & Discover: Browse pictures in your neighbourhood or interesting places around the world such as the Mission District in San Francisco or Soho in London. A map shows you the exact location of each pic so you can go visit it yourself!

“Such a fun way to discover what is going on around you, especially when visiting new places. A picture does speak a 1000 words”

IMPORTANT: In order for the app to find nearby pictures, you’ll need to log in with an Instagram account.

Also, to get the most out of Pixagogo you should install the Instagram app (if you haven’t already).

For details on how to do this, please visit the Instagram website.

Download Pixagogo


Normally $2.99, currently free.

Timerverse is a timer application that is out of this world. It is driven by an intuitive gesture driven design, and features a wonderful space-time aesthetic

The clutter-free user interface makes it simpler than ever before to keep track of multiple timers. Swipe from a left or right edge of your screen to create a timer. Tap to start/stop, tap & hold to edit, and drag to the bottom edge of your screen to delete it.

From the first time you start using Timerverse, you’ll ask yourself how you ever set timers without it.

***Timerverse Features**
– Use multiple timers for different activities. Create up to six different timers, for tracking that pizza in the oven to timing your laps around a track.

– Customize timers to make them stand out. Choose your timers color during creation, but that’s not all. Set custom glyphs, or give your timer a title to make it stand out even more.

– Set your timers to repeat. Repeating timers are the perfect tool when you need to track time in intervals.

Download Timerverse

OneHourADay App

Normally $1.99, currently free.

What could you achieve in just one hour a day?

Parkinson’s Law: Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion – So what happens you set just one hour a day for to achieve your goals?

By breaking down a goal into smaller hourly tasks, it will not only make it easier but also more effective in achieving your goals.

Try this simple app, that helps you get down your desired goals and also a detailed description then start the timer when you are ready to dedicate one hour of your day to achieve your goals. The timer will stop at one completed hour until the next day. It will also keep a running total of all the hours you have achieved towards your goal.

You can set a daily reminder and add additional goals.

Example Goals:
Revising for exams
Playing the Piano
Write a book

Give it a go and see what you could achieve in just one hour a day!

Download OneHourADay App

Stress Baal

Normally $1.99, currently free.

Fact: You are stressed out.

Scientific studies have probably shown that the best way to alleviate stress is to take it out on someone else. And while insulting loved ones and destroying friendships is technically free, we’re offering a nearly free alternative.

Stress Baal is a minor devil. You get to beat him up with your finger, and yes, he totally deserves it. Baal is hand animated like your favorite cartoon sponge or rabbit. Thousands upon thousands of drawings form the game. Not just a CG doll, the ever-scheming Baal has a personality. Granted, it’s a loathsome one, but a personality nonetheless. Leave him idle and the little savage will probably save you the trouble and rough himself up… Often with fire.

More reasons to play Baal:
– Like human endeavor, Stress Baal is pointless. No score, no achievements, no goals. Goals are what got you so stressed in the first place.
– This pledge: We will never try to charge for additional content. No in app purchases ever.
– We didn’t do a Kickstarter.
– In an App Store first, this game description contains no pandering exclamation points.

Download Stress Baal

Translate Photo

Normally $4.99, currently free.

TranslatePhoto app extracts texts from any printed sources: documents, books, signs, instructions or announcements and allows to immediately translate them to any of 70 languages.
Take a picture of the text and after the text is recognized, you can immediately edit, hear, translate, share it on Facebook, Dropbox or simply send by email

• Recognizes texts in more than 70 languages
• Translates to more than 70 languages
• Reads texts in more than 30 languages


• Full text translation for more than 70 languages (Internet connection is required)
• Listen to the text that has been recognized and translated into more than 30 languages!
• Edit the text, copy it to clipboard, and save in other apps
• Share the text on Facebook,Dropbox or send by email
• All texts are saved in History and can be later recovered at any time

With TranslatePhoto app you can easily scan and translate:
• any paper documents
• recipes from cookbooks
• notes and letters
• menus in restaurants, bars, and cafes
• articles from magazines and newspapers
• book parts
• instructions and manuals
• texts on product labels
• road signs as well as signs in airports and stations
• and many more…

App is fully compatible with iPhone 5S, 5, 4S, 4, iPod touch 5th generation, iPad 4, iPad 2, iPad 2, iPad Mini.

Full support for iOS versions 6.0-7.1!

How to use the app:
• Select the language of the original text as text recognition language.
• Take a picture of the document (page, instruction, or any other text)
• Press the “Scan” button
• Recognized text will appear on the screen with an option to select the source language and the target (translation) language.
• After you select the language, the original text will be automatically translated and will appear at the bottom of the screen.
• To listen to the translation, press the “Voice” button
TranslatePhoto app will digitize and translate any printed text right on your device!

Download Translate Photo

Photo Makeover

Normally $0.99, currently free.

Snap and swipe for super-model photos.

Slim faces, create smiles & enhance any face with professional Photoshop results!!


Photo Makeover is a runway model’s secret weapon when shooting shots with the iPhone. Snap a shot and then edit it with cosmetic magic to change facial features and adjust facial expressions with just a few swipes. Photo Makeover is perfect for touching-up group photos, glamorizing portraits or for runway models, on the run.

Simple but powerful adjustment and enhancement tools control all aspects of a subject’s facial image (eyes, nose or mouth). Edit the general shape and size of the head and every facial feature providing just the right level of enhancement any picture needs. Adjust to precision with subtle expression adjustments to full, dramatic makeovers.

Photo Makeover provides a wide variety of features and easy to use tools, making it very easy to enhance faces with great speed and achieve excellent results.
– Remove bad expressions – Add a smile
– Change facial expression
– Open and widen eyes
– Adjust head proportion & width
– Slim/Fatten face
– Revamp & Beautify faces
– Improve balance & symmetry

Key Features of Photo Makeover:

* Super swipe editing with touch-sensitive controls *
5 selectable facial regions each with move, rotate and size controls; and the facial outline width and height control provide the ability to make thousands of subtle changes.
With the iPhone panel, you may enjoy manipulating facial features by dragging, pinching, spreading, and rotating on the screen with merely two fingers.

* Templates for super-models & photo pranksters *
To simplify expression enhancement Photo Makeover includes a library of pre-made facial expression templates created by analyzing thousands of faces. Select a preset expression & adjustment is then made with Photo Makeover ‘s “Expression Strength” slider bar.

Instant pro photo editing results with these one-touch templates:
– Beauty faces: Younger, Proportional, Slimmer
– Attractive faces: Confident, Sexier, Kinder, Smile
– Naughty faces: MakeFace, Kiss, Angry, Sleepy
– Crazy faces: Alien, Sleepy, Rounder, Mean
– Animal faces: Koala, Fox, Bull, Monkey

* Automatic Color Level *
Photo Makeover’s powerful image color correction uses automatic color balancing. Create vibrant colorful photos from imperfectly lit images such as over/under exposed, taken with a low quality camera or washed-out due to backlighting. The auto color level tool automatically adjusts your photo providing a vibrant image.

* Automatic Face Detection *
By locating four facial anchor points automatically or manually, the application will determine facial features and muscles for further facial feature adjustment.

* Import/Export photos *
Photo Makeover supports edited photos from your photo library or captured with the iPhone Camera.
You may not only save the modified images into your album but also share them instantly with Facebook.

Download Photo Makeover


Normally $2.99, currently free.

Get it also for iPhone:

FB Group:

Jerry Jobe’s Tutorials:

iColorama is the best imaging app for creators interesting in enhancing their photos or paintings or drawings and converting them in amazing pieces of art.

You can import your own Photoshop brushes now. Check the tutorials!

There are too many effects to be listed. The effects are from simple image adjustments to complicated math transforms. Images can also be painted with many different brushes.

Download iColorama

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