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8 awesome paid iPhone apps that are all free for a limited time

Updated Dec 19th, 2018 8:56PM EST
Best Free iPhone Apps

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We had some truly great paid iPhone and iPad apps for you yesterday that were all on sale for free for a limited time, and if you visit yesterday’s post you can still grab a few of them without paying a dime. Today, however, we have eight new paid iOS apps to share with you, and they’re all free downloads right now if you hurry. We definitely have some gems for you today, and one of our favorite word games is up first.

As always though, you had better download anything that looks appealing as soon as possible, because these sales could be over at any minute.

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These are paid iPhone and iPad apps that have been made available for free for a limited time by their developers. There is no way to tell how long they will be free. These sales could end an hour from now or a week from now — obviously, the only thing we can guarantee is that they were free at the time this post was written. If you click on a link and see a price listed next to an app instead of the word “get,” it is no longer free. The sale has ended. If you download the app, you will be charged.

Hollow Words

Normally $0.99.

SALE! Get Hollow Words for free today only! Hundreds of word puzzles. Hours of fun.

Special offer: Free download of our newest puzzle game FIXUM! download for free now.

Word pictures or picture words.. whatever you call it, its going to hook you in and drive you crazy. We give you a visual presentation of text and you need to give us the short phrase or word. Correct answer and you move on to the next puzzle.

Game Center achievements and a leaderboard will keep you competing against your friends and family.

Download Hollow Words


Normally $1.99.

The Worlds No. 1 Water Hydration App

If you love neat apps and gestural control you’ll *LOVE* this! Highly rated and used by thousands of people every day to stay hydrated and healthy… be one of them!

What people are saying about iDrated…

“How all apps should be :-) – A joy to use, outstanding interface, really encourages you to use the app and meet your target.”

“Love it! – I had a different water reminder app, but this is fantastic! I love seeing the water level rise as I complete my daily intake! A must have daily app!”

“Stay hydrated – As a professional nationally sponsored Parkour athlete I drink tons of water. This is a great and easy to use app while training.”

“No more bad habit – I love the design of this app. It looks great. It has also adjusted my habit of water drinking, which is a good thing because I never drank enough in a day before I got this.”

“Love – Love it”

Download now and see why people are raving about it!


Many of us don’t drink enough water, however it is a key element for maintaining our health and general well-being. Simply increasing your daily intake of water helps to keep your skin looking vibrant and younger, aids your natural digestion, improves your overall concentration and helps your body to remove toxins.

iDrated is THE way to keep track of your water intake. With simplicity and gesture-based interaction at it’s core, iDrated makes it quick and simple to log your water levels and check how hydrated you are. It can even give you a gentle nudge when the app isn’t running should you need the extra incentive!


– Log water quickly and easily, with a simple swipe.

– Optional notifications to prompt you to drink when the app isn’t running.

– Work with Litres or Ounces.

– Get different medals for the levels of hydration you achieve.

– See your hydration stats for the past 7 days.

– Easy-peasy undo.

– Integrated help guide.

– Male and female modes.

– Customise your target levels.

– Update past days

– Gorgeous UI and UX!

Download iDrated

Battle Riders

Normally $1.99.

Battle Riders is FREE for a limited time | Brought to you by 3 Magic Shots. Download 3 Magic Shots to get more awesome apps like Battle Riders for FREE

Battle your way to first place in this amazing combat racing game! It offers adrenaline pumping, high-octane action and a lot of fun!

TOUCHARCADE – 9.0 – “Wreck And Roll Racing”
POCKETGAMER – 8.0 – “A compelling and satisfying post-apocalyptic arcade racer”
148APPS – 8.0 – “Battle Riders is a slick, well-made take on vehicular manslaughter”
APPSPY – 8.0 – “Battle Riders delivers aggressive, compelling races with explosive gunplay”
ARCADELIFE – 9.0 – “Full Speed Winner”

Win races and complete the career mode, which spans over 120 events, to unlock great cars, exciting tracks and fun challenges. The game features 3 racing tiers, with higher tiers enabling higher speed and better weapons.

Hit the tracks in 6 racing modes: Duel, Battle Race, Survival, Elimination, Clean Race and Time Trial.

Seven unique cars are available, specially built to sustain the challenges of combat racing. The performance and armor of each car can be upgraded to stand a better chance at winning events. Also, the cars can be visually customized with different paint jobs and colors.

Each car can be equipped with two weapons chosen from 5 different types: Machinegun, Missiles, Mines, EMP and Raygun. More powerful weapons are available on higher tiers.

Use your weapons to wreck the other cars and gain an important advantage. By wrecking opponents you also get credits that you can use to repair and upgrade the cars or buy different weapons.

Blast your way to greatness on 9 tracks across 3 different environments. Each track also features a reversed version, for a total of 18 tracks. You will find plenty of split sections, tight corners and surprising obstacles.

There are three types of powerups that can be found on the tracks: Ammo, Boost and Credits. To activate the weapons drive over an Ammo powerup, or choose to get ahead by driving over a Boost powerup. To get additional credits pick up Credits powerups.

By completing tiers you also unlock great challenge modes: Time Attack, Minefield and Barrels.

To drive the car and blast away the competition choose and adjust tilt control, arrows or on-screen joystick controls to best suit your preferences.

Unlock great achievements and compete for the first places on the Wrecks Leaderboard.

Note: The game does not have multiplayer or in-app purchases.

COMPATIBILITY: Universal, works on all devices starting with the iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch 3 (except the 8 GB version) and iPad 1.

Download Battle Riders


Normally $0.99.


Whether you’re cooking one or more dishes or just trying to keep time on multiple tasks, use tymer to keep you on track.

Compatible for both the iPhone and iPad.

With simple gestural controls, set up and control as many timers as you need!
* Tap “+” to create new time
* Swipe the timeline to set time
* Swipe and hold slide up to increase time increments
* Tap “x” to label your timer
* Swipe left to delete
* Swipe right to pause timer
* Long swipe right to reset timer
* Press and hold and move a time to re-order

Download tymеr

Web Explorer

Normally $1.99.

Full featured web browser, Ads Remover, Power Downloader, Complete Webpage Saver, FTP client, ….!!!

“Amazing web browsing experience… “

Web Explorer feature highlights:
>>Super fast full screen, tabbed web browser.
— On all devices and all orientations.

>>Integrated text and web page translation.
— Launch translator on a new tab.

>>Download web files and links.
— Press and hold on pictures or file links to start download.

>>Save full content web pages for offline use.
— Complete web page saver.

>>Central media player
— Standard feature. Play all music and videos from one place. All media in App folders including iTunes File Sharing folder, iPod library and Camera Roll videos.

>>FTP browser. FTP upload and download.
— Browse FTP sites, upload and download files.

>>User Agent (Spoofing). By choosing Mac, Windows, iPhone, iPad or other options, you can request different content for the same site.

>>Integrated text search.
— Search web with selected text in the web page.

>>File reader supports all major file formats.
— View or play saved content from web or PC/MAC.

>>Configurable Start Page.
— Edit quick links on Start Page for easy access.

>>Power download
— Download multiple files/media/pictures from web page links or FTP directory. (In-App purchase).

>>ADBLOCKER for automatic ads removal.
— Block ads from nearly 3000 ads servers.(In-App purchase)

>> Document interaction.
— Open files from other apps with Web Explorer.

>>iTunes File Sharing with your PC/Mac.
— Exchange content between this app and PC/MAC.

>>Optimized for iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch.
— Customize interface best for different devices.

Support file types:
.pdf, .ppt , .doc, .rtf,, .key,.numbers,.pages,
.txt .m .h .c .js .css .cpp .php …

Download Web Explorer

Warhammer 40,000: Storm of Vengeance

Normally $2.99.

Warhammer 40,000: Storm of Vengeance is a lane strategy game for PC and mobile devices set in the dark, gothic universe of Warhammer 40,000.

Storm of Vengeance tells the story of a pivotal moment in the Warhammer 40,000 universe, during the legendary planetary conflict on Piscina IV. Featuring two of Games Workshop’s most cherished characters, Grand Master Belial and Ork Warlord Ghazghkull Thraka, Storm of Vengeance offers the player the chance to command the tenacious defence of the planet with only 100 Dark Angel Space Marines, or attempt it’s annihilation using the cunning of the Ork Waaagh! and their telly-porta technology.

– Unique compelling blend of resource management, unit construction and combat
– 50+ missions per faction
– In depth skill tree for each faction
– Powerful skills and abilities tailored for each faction
– Simultaneous cross platform multiplayer (iOS & PC).
– Exclusive dynamic soundtrack capturing the rich atmosphere of the Warhammer 40,000 universe

Download Warhammer 40,000: Storm of Vengeance

Tag Journal

Normally $2.99.

Journal/diary, ideal for everyone: students, writers, journalists and travelers will love it!

Record your life events, thoughts and ideas with photos, short videos, notes and voice recordings.

«If you’re looking for an all-in-one journaling and note taking app, Tag Journal may just be it. Aside from a few interface quirks, it’s probably one of the best journaling apps available, and for those familiar with Markdown, definitely check it out, you’ll be glad you did. » —

«Outstanding. Tag Journal brings one of the best designed UIs. It brings light and colorful palette, but retains its minimalism. » —

«Everyone who enjoys writing needs to have a diary at their fingertips whenever the mood strikes. Tag Journal is the perfect tool for all writers!» — Brett Terpstra.

Tag Journal is a universal iOS 8 app, with seamless synchronization to your iPhone and iPad using iCloud.

Keep your journal/diary organized using colorful tags to retrieve your events easily.

– Sync via iCloud to iPhone and iPad apps.
– Photos and short videos (7s): shoot on the spot or insert from your camera roll.
– Sound recording
– Notes with time stamp
– Colored Tags
– Colored Notes
– GPS location and Foursquare
– Internal browser with your favorite links
– Full-screen photo mode
– Apply effects on photos with Aviary
– Search by date or by text
– Distraction-free writing interface
– Write text in full screen mode with Undo/Redo
– Word and character count
– Merge, Move and Attach Notes and text entries
– Multiple elements selection
– Find and replace
– Advance by character and by word easily
– Markdown Syntax Highlighting
– Two text Previews
– Accessory ‘Spanish/Rest of the World’ keyboard with most-used symbols
– Markdown made easy for applying styles, quotes and lines
– Email in PDF, Markdown, HTML and Print
– Send to iMessages
– Send to Facebook and Twitter
– Passlock (may be different for each device)
– View PDF
– Open PDF in…
– Open Markdown in…

Download Tag Journal

Secure Filebox

Normally $1.99.

With Secure Filebox you can securely store, organize, manage, share files and have secure discussions behind a wall of encryption that’s fully NSA-proof! This is not a simple app with a lock, it actually encrypts in AES256

You get a encrypted file manager, encrypted file sharing, and encrypted anonymous messenger. Great for enterprise BYOD devices. No Ads, no in app purchase, all functions available! Yes, we have a fancy image editor with filters! now your photos can look even more wonderful. Yes there is a build in scanner! All for one price! With great reviews!

** 100k active users and 2 years in operation, can’t be wrong!

Key Features:

* This is not a simple lock, all files are encrypted!

* Simple folders to organize

* Built in image editor with filters

* Built in Encrypted File Sharing (beta)

* Built in Encrypted Messenger (beta)

* Universal app, ipad + iphone

* Built in scanner, camera, voice recorder

* Built in viewer for everything

* Built in backup

* Supports all popular file types

* AES256bit and RSA encryption end to end

* Zero Knowledge

* Import from PC

* Mount filebox as a disk!

* Airdrop support

* No need to sign up, we don’t need your email!

* 2 years in operation, 100,000 active users worldwide

* Active/Agile development

* We build clean software

And Yes, not only we have the best software, we also have the best service! Contact us and we will answer your emails or Facebook messages.

Secure Filebox is build from ground up with security as our number one priority; utilizing many industry standard encryption technologies, best practices and years of engineering experience, providing data security end to end. Yes, at all times, and every where, your previous data is AES256bit encrypted!

New in v5.30: (beta) Mount filebox as a read only disk!

Filebox and HIPAA
– Ensure privacy, files and messages are encrypted when shared through the use of public key encryption. And the received data can only be decrypted by the Filebox owner.
– Filebox protects patient information in electronic systems and networks by applying encryption at all times. Only those hold the key can decrypt that information.

Filebox and BYOD
– Have your employee store corporate data in the filebox. No need to worry about lost phones, and secrets stolen.

Use it for your business
Use it to store your passwords, credit card info
Use it to store your travel documents
Use it to have a secure conversation
Use it to send encrypted files
Use it to share private pictures with your loved ones

Download Secure Filebox


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