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8 awesome paid iPhone apps that are now free for a limited time

Updated Dec 19th, 2018 8:59PM EST
Best Free iPhone Apps

The weekend is over and you’re back in your office or in school, sitting there reading BGR while you should probably be getting things done. Don’t worry, we won’t tell your boss or your professor… instead, we’ll reward you with a great list of paid iPhone and iPad apps that are on sale for free for a limited time.

As always, be sure to grab anything of interest as soon as possible — especially the versatile widgets app that’s first on our list — because these sales could end at any moment.

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These are paid iPhone and iPad apps that have been made available for free for a limited time by their developers. There is no way to tell how long they will be free. These sales could end an hour from now or a week from now — obviously, the only thing we can guarantee is that they were free at the time this post was written. If you click on a link and see a price listed next to an app instead of the word “get,” it is no longer free. The sale has ended. If you download the app, you will be charged.

Orby Widgets

Normally $2.99.

# Get to know more about your device right from Notification Center #

Don’t keep yourself in the dark anymore. Know all about your device in the notification center with beautiful, orb shaped Orby Widgets.

Enjoy the bundle that includes:

***** Newly Added Widgets *****

– Calculator widget: make calculations a hassle free experience, right from the Notification Center. It comes without an equal sign, so you have absolutely no chance of error.

– Speed Call widget for iPhone: now speed call upto 8 contacts and even dial numbers using the inline dialer keypad, right from the Notification Center


– Music sharing widget

– Memory widget

– CPU widget

– Storage widget

– Battery widget

– Data usage (Network) widget

– Network addresses widget

– Runtime widget

– And many more in the pipeline

You can even customize your widgets with an array of colorful themes to match your style!

Download Orby Widgets

Ninja Cam 360

Normally $1.99.

Ninja Cam 360 provides rich filter effects beloved by professional photographers, all conveniently packed in 10 different themes. Ninja Cam 360 themes vary from the feel of film camera to the unique sets of classy moods or fun creativity, It’s time to make things look different!

Ninja Cam 360 – Vintage Camera and Photo Editor

Download Ninja Cam 360

Build-a-lot 4: Power Source

Normally $2.99.

Quality Index’s Top 10 games list of December 2012!
Make your cities grow and glow in this energetic hit!
You already know how to construct homes, malls and restaurants, right? Now it’s time to invest in green energy! Build solar towers, wind farms and even nuclear power plants to make your cities sustainable and prosperous for generations. Watch out for blackouts, though, as building too fast can result in a system overload. So take it slow, plan ahead and manage your energy resources carefully. Be ready to rethink your property layouts and infrastructure, or even start over from scratch. To “go green,” your neighborhoods need eco-chic shops, solar-heated swimming pools and more. Do whatever it takes to build the most energy efficient city in the world!

● Two game modes – casual and campaign
● Four big campaigns to work your way through
● 68 challenging levels to keep you on your toes
● Numerous eco-friendly building upgrades
● Game Center Support
● iPhone 4 Retina Display support

Game available in: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Korean, Chinese, Japanese

*NOTE* This game only supports iPhone 3GS and higher, iPod Touch, 4.3+ firmware.

Download Build-a-lot 4: Power Source


Normally $1.99.

Set Focus/Exposure AFTER taking photo! MultiCam app changes way of taking good photos. So far you had to first set focus, exposure, then take a photo. MultiCam reverses this process – you take photos first, and then adjust focus/exposure anytime!
To achieve this our app uses unique iOS 8 features – manual focus and exposure and captures series of photos.

– capture from 1 to 15 focuses
– additional “9 area focus” mode which captures images by settings focus in 9 points on camera preview
– capture from 1 to 4 exposures
– back/front camera supported
– internal gallery to store series of photos
– focus and exposure sliders in the Editor
– export to Camera Roll from the Editor

Download MultiCam


Normally $0.99.

Here comes an authentic cartoon art style 2D belt scroll arcade action!

Can your fingers catch the speed of the ninja?
A new operation system enables speedy, smooth action!
A great adventure will start to take back a stolen scroll!
Many obstacles, including evil ninjas, ninja dogs, monsters, demi-humans, zombies, traps, castles, dungeons, will prevent your adventure!

Explore a broad world map and push into the castle of vice!
Then, take back the scroll!
▪ Select among four ninjas!
– Select one from ninjas of fire, water, thunder, and wind!
You can use secret characters by achieving records!!
Can you find iOS original characters!?

▪ Master legendary ninjutsu!
– You can master ninjutsu by getting scrolls.
Can you master the legendary last ninjutsu!?

▪ Get legendary blade!
– It is not only ninjutsu that helps you!
Get legendary blades with the power of shinobi!

▪ Level system
– Allocate points obtained by increasing your level to Power, Strength and Ninriki.
The higher your level, the stronger the blades you will have!

▪ Available game mode
– You can select a game mode from Easy, Normal, and Hard.
The more difficult the mode you complete, the higher the score you can achieve…

▪ Animation, graphics, and system
– Smoother animation has been achieved by displaying 3D data in 2D.
– Numerous effects have been used for ninjutsu, weapons, and monsters.
– You can enjoy unique new combos shot from skill.
Download now to shoot the ninjutsu!

Download Ninjas – STOLEN SCROLLS

Cut Me Out Pro

Normally $1.99.

***** FREE for next 24 Hrs Only —– Released big update and made it free for one day. Hurry UP!!! *****
Cut out sections of an image in any shape and paste it to selected background photo with Cut Me Out Pro. Erase background, add funny stickers, overlay text on pic,create flip effect, twin effect and create beautiful collage and share it on Instagram, Facebook, etc.


* Cut out any shape from the image and paste it on background Image
* Cut portions can be pasted in Email, SMS, Notes, or any third party app
* Supports multiple cut and paste feature
* Import your own background pics from Camera Roll, Photo library or choose from famous background places
* Easily move the cut portion to any place on the background
* More than 100 funny stickers available
* Erase with Different brush sizes
* Undo option for accidental erase
* Write Text on the design with many font styles and colors
* Preview the final image before saving or sharing
* Save to Library, Email and sharing with Facebook, twitter
* Detailed in-app help guide

What Cut Me Out users say:

Works Great *****
The app works great on my photos, I simply cut the face on my photo and paste on other photos, the results were good.

Niceapp *****
This app provides a simple and entertaining way to create unique and fun pictures. It’s incredibly simple to cut and paste the image from selected photo for making your own photo montage, and it runs extremely smooth during the process. Love it, it’s quite impressive.

Download Cut Me Out Pro

15Seconds Photo Movie

Normally $1.99.

We wish your special moments to be remembered
Turn your life into 15-second video clip

Our mission is to provide a service where everyone could easily make a quality video in the blink of an eye.
15Seconds Photo Movie gives a new birth to your pictures and turns them into a professional-looking visual poem.
Experience our unique selection of music, visual effects and transitions which are only several clicks away.
With a delicate touch of our media specialist, your memories will harmonize and shine with radiance.
With 15Seconds Photo Movie you don’t need to worry about the traditional and complicated steps of applying transition and sound effects.
Visualize your sleeping memories in your camera roll and share them with your family and friends now!
15Seconds Photo Movie guarantees to make your memory’s every bits and pieces memorable.

+Select Theme+
15Seconds Photo Movie provides 10 different themes categorized by the 3 distinct music tempos (Andante, Moderato and Allegro) along with our special themes (Classic, Marriage, Birthday, Vacation and Halloween).
You can check out the sample videos for all the themes; please select the theme that best suits your needs.
And of course, the themes will be regularly updated.

+Pick Photos+
15Seconds Photo Movie provides the timeline so you can glimpse at the whole panorama of the visual poem.
Please choose the order of the photos suitable to your own story.
The size of the chosen thumbnail photos determines the length of the exposure; place the important pictures to bigger thumbnail for longer exposure.
*portrait-oriented photos can be adjusted vertically.

Embed your own title to your video using our pre-oriented ‘Caption’ feature on a perfect timing.
*You can create your video without using this feature, but using this could only make your video better.

You can share your video on Facebook.
You can share your video on YouTube.
You can save your video on your Camera Roll.

Download 15Seconds Photo Movie

Video Filters

Normally $7.99.

• Get 100 awesome video & photo filters and effects
• Choose vintage, sepia, sketch, gradients & more
• Record or import existing footage to apply filters
• Includes added features only found in pro cameras
• Share your videos with friends directly from the app
• Great companion to i4software’s Vizzywig Video Editor

Watch the Tutorial Video @

IMPORTANT: For 1920×1080 HD, please turn “RT Filter” (Real-Time) OFF in settings for highest quality results. Record without the filter and then apply the filter later.


Here’s what they’re saying about Video Filters:

“Video Filters is one of the most deluxe camera apps you can get…” – Trevor Sheridan,

“[Video Filters] packs a ton of professional-grade camera features.” – Aldrin Calimlim,

“…a new [app] has come along to go beyond what you thought was possible on your iOS device.” – Christian Zibreg,



• Manual adjustments for ultimate control
• Pause & resume while recording
• Full zoom control Including smooth auto-zoom
• Record live or import clips from your camera roll
• Manual exposure, focus & white balance controls
• Landscape and portrait capabilities
• Speed controls for slow motion and fast motion effects
• Date & time overlay option
• Grid overlay option to align the perfect shot
• LED light to illuminate low-light scenes
• Snap HD photos with filters while recording
• Apply additional filters to an already filtered video

And for the video geeks here are some more great features…

• Capture scenes in 24, 25 or 30 frames per second
• GPS meta data for scientific applications
• Aspect ratios = 16:9 • 4:3 • 3:2 1:1 • 1.85:1 • 2.4:1 • 16:10 • 5:3
• 8MP or MAX resolution photos with filters while paused
• Adjust saturation, contrast, gamma and brightness


UNIVERSAL SUPPORT for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch (3.5″ & 4″)

Bleach • Black • Drama • Murky • Deep • Heavy • Discolored

Memories • Drowsy • Lo-Fi • Marvelous • Old Times

Hue • Cover • Illuminate • Overcast • Faded

Old Photo • Wood • Tone • Discolored • Cinema

Ice • Dark • Clear • Desaturated • Mist

Classic • Massive • Shadowy • Gray • Grace • Subtlety • Red • Green • Blue

Bleach • Drama • Marvelous • Cover • Marvelous • Old Times • Cover • Drama • Marvelous • Old Times • Faded

Brush • Toon • Edge • Invert • Emboss

B&W • Pencil • Colored • Brown • Blue • Violet • Thick Brown • Thick Blue • Thick Violet

High Range • Max Range • Shadows • Lights

Screen • Overlay • Top Shadowed • Top Faded • Top-Bottom • Ground • Blue-Orange • Blue-Pink • Soft Blue-Red • Rufous • Brighten • Aged • Vanilla

Night • Gloomy • High Noon

Red-Blue • Orange-Blue • Green-Blue • Enhance

Clarity • Flash • Backlit • Darken • Cloudy • Shade • Fluorescent • Sunset • Night • Portrait • Linear Light

Download Video Filters

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