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AT&T promises improved performance for SF and NYC

We’ve all heard the jokes about AT&T’s sub-par performance and how iPhone users are clogging up its network. Dropped calls, missed texts and delayed voicemails have become so common that AT&T even released an iPhone app that allows you to report network issues. The areas that seem to be affected most are densely populated cities — namely San Francisco and New York (in Los Angeles, AT&T service seems to be fine in our experience; it’s heavily populated but not too dense). And guess where the most vocal AT&T users are coming from?

AT&T’s very own Ralph de la Vega says that Manhattan and San Francisco’s Financial District “are performing at levels below our standards.” In our own experiences, it seems much worse than that, but we’re happy to finally hear it being acknowledged and addressed. He also says that these issues are going to get fixed. “In both of those markets, I am very confident that you’re going to see significant progress.” Thanks for finally coming out and openly saying it, AT&T, instead of hiding behind figures like “our network covers 97% of the population.” We’re looking forward to the improvements.Read