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AT&T gives payphones two thumbs down

“No, why would I spare a quarter?”, you might say in the future, when someone asks you. Because soon, there probably won’t be any payphones around to throw quarters into. AT&T announced yesterday, that they are stopping payphone services in its traditional 13-state area (AR, CA, CT, Il, IN, KS, MI, MO, NV, OH, OK, TX, and WI). The number of payphones in the US have fallen from 2.6 million in 1998, to just about 1 million now, and much of the fall is contributed the increase of cell phones. So put your quarters in a piggy bank, save up to get a pre-paid cell phone instead, and you’ll be better off than trying to search for a payphone. But then again, visiting this site, you most likely do have a cell phone. In this case, feel free to consider yourself on “the winning team”