We finally have confirmation on when you’ll be able to get an Apple Watch. During an earnings call on Tuesday, Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed that Apple is going to start shipping the highly anticipated Apple Watch starting in April this year. This is a little bit later than some of us were expecting, although it generally lines up with reports we’ve read about Apple retail employees getting training on how to use the device next month so they’ll be set to help interested buyers with it at launch.

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The Apple Watch will be the first major new product category that Apple has released since the launch of the first-generation iPad. It comes at an interesting time for the wearable computers market because companies are still trying to figure out what consumers want from a smartwatch, or if they even want smartwatches at all.

Because of this, the Apple Watch is the most highly anticipated smartwatch ever released and the device should go a long way toward letting us know if wearable computers are really a viable market. The biggest challenge in the early going seems to be battery life — several reports have indicated that you’ll have to charge the Apple Watch every day with normal use, although we expect this battery power to significantly improve with time.

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