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Apple not happy with Rogers over iPhone plan pricing?

Updated 4 years ago
Published Jul 6th, 2008 2:34PM EDT

We’ve heard through the grapevine that Apple isn’t pleased with Rogers right now, due to their insanely high iPhone data prices. This isn’t 100% confirmed at the moment, but here’s what is rumored to have happened:

  • Rogers hired additional sales staff to handle the iPhone launch, all of whom have been fired effective immediately
  • Apple has informed Rogers that they will be diverting a “large percentage” of their iPhone stock that was destined for Canadian shores, sending it instead to their European distributors. According to the rumor, this would leave Rogers with as few as 10-20 units per store for launch day.

The consumer backlash against Roger’s data rates was understandable, but we’re honestly a bit shocked to see Apple reacting in a similar fashion. Cupertino is doing one of two things here: they’re either attempting to strong-arm Rogers into lowering their data tariffs and making the iPhone more accessible to average consumers, or they really have simply given up and are abandoning the Canadian market in favor of a European market that seems a bit more eager to, uh, allow people to purchase an iPhone without mortgaging their Moose farm. Let’s hope, for the sake of our Canadian friends up North, that Apple is simply trying to affect some change, and that Rogers will be forced to comply by next Friday. Any more takers for the Rogers petition?


Born with a cell phone in one hand and a tablet in the other, Josh Karp has followed his love of technology through to the present day. As a Special Correspondent at BGR, Josh covers press conferences, trade shows and other events around the world. An expert in all things mobile, Josh has more than eight years of experience covering the wireless industry.