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Apple files new design lawsuit against Samsung in Germany

Updated 4 years ago

Apple has filed a new complaint targeting 10 Samsung smartphones that allegedly infringe the Cupertino-based company’s design patents. The suit was filed in the Dusseldorf Regional Court, with Apple also filing a separate suit citing five Samsung tablet models. Last month, Samsung introduced the Galaxy Tab 10.1N that featured a new bezel and a slightly modified design. Apple filed a new complaint seeking to ban sales of the tweaked model, but the Dusseldorf court said it was unlikely to grant an injunction against the redesigned tablet. An appeals court also voiced doubts about the reach of Apple’s European Union design right, which was the driving force behind the original Galaxy Tab 10.1 injunction. The new suits aren’t filed under emergency proceedings, allowing Apple a new procedure against both models. A spokesman for Samsung, who declined to be identified, confirmed to Bloomberg that the company had received formal notice of both suits.