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Patent trolls cost companies $29 billion in 2011

Patent trolls — that is, entities that purchase patents in bulk and sue other companies for infringement despite not making any products of their own — have rapidly become the bane of the technology >>

British libel reforms push ISPs to out Internet trolls

Anonymous trolls in the United Kingdom may have to think twice before calling someone a “n00b” or “teh sux0r” online. That’s because the U.K. House of Commons this week will start a debate >>

Verizon wants Obama to curtail potential patent war damages

Verizon Communications’ chief counsel Randal Milch wants United States President Barack Obama to limit potential damages relating to the ongoing patent wars sweeping technology companies in the U.S. As the number of patent complaints among >>

Apple sued again for collecting location data

A lawsuit has been filed against Apple, Pandora, and The Weather Channel in the U.S. District Court of Puerto Rico that alleges Apple “intentionally [intercepts] personally identifying information.” The plaintiff, Lymaris M. Rivera >>

Motorola and Huawei settle all pending lawsuits

In a joint statement issued on Tuesday, Motorola Solutions and Huawei have announced an agreement to settle all pending litigation between the two companies. Motorola filed a suit against Huawei in July 2010 >>