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15 reasons why Facebook is worth $15 billion

$15 billion?? Yeah, we know, that’s an insane sum of money, but could Facebook really be worth that much? Well, the answer is yes…sort of. As we all know, Microsoft just purchased 1.6% of the company for $240 million. Do a little math, and you’ll soon see why $15 billion isn’t out of the realm of possibility. In honor of this startling revelation, the BBC has put together a rather compelling list of 15 reasons why Facebook might, in fact, be worth that exorbitant sum. Our favorites?

  • The network has gone viral in the last 12 months, with more than 50 million users worldwide and a user base that is growing faster than great rival MySpace. According to Facebook, it adds 200,000 new users each day.
  • According to a report, 233 million hours of work are lost each month in the UK due to staff looking at social networks. Advertisers can now target people when at their desks.
  • Every major content firm with an online presence is either working on a Facebook application or has already launched one – from Google to the BBC

We’re still not sure if the $15 billion price tag will hold water, but Facebook is undeniably valuable. What do you think, dear readers…how much would you pay for Mark Zuckerberg’s online empire?


Born with a cell phone in one hand and a tablet in the other, Josh Karp has followed his love of technology through to the present day. As a Special Correspondent at BGR, Josh covers press conferences, trade shows and other events around the world. An expert in all things mobile, Josh has more than eight years of experience covering the wireless industry.