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“100%” American mobile phone saturation by 2013

We’ve come a long way now, haven’t we folks? It seems like just yesterday that Zack Morris’ bag phone seemed like the consumer equivalent of a Superbowl Trophy for the Seattle Seahawks…no longer. Mobile phones are just about everywhere, with an estimated 84% of Americans in possession of a cell by the end of 2007. That’s not all, though…SNL Kagan, a relatively reputable financial analysis firm, seems to think that by the year 2013 mobile phone saturation will have hit the magic number of 100% Please note, however, that this 100% is simply referring to the number of devices being equal to the number of current citizens. Many people have multiple lines/accounts/devices, so it doesn’t necessarily mean that every American will have a cell phone. That noted, it’s still a pretty darn high number, and goes to show how deeply ingrained the little buggers have become.


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