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‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ post-credits scenes could be our first official look at MCU Phase 4

Spider-Man: Far From Home

Much to our surprise, Avengers: Endgame isn’t the last film in the third phase of Marvel Cinematic Universe movies. Yes, Avengers 4 concludes the Infinity Saga and brings closure to that massive adventure, and it also delivers the final stories for several Marvel characters. But the last film before Phase 4 kicks off will be Spider-Man: Far From Home.

Also much to our surprise, Endgame did not feature any post-credits scenes. Well, not the kind that would tease what’s coming in the next movies, because we did have a touching tribute at the end for the original six Avengers, with a focus on Tony Stark. And then the brand new Far From Home trailer was added right at the end of the film. But the new Spider-Man installment will bring back post-credits scenes, and we have some big news about what you should expect.

We’ve come to expect post-credits scenes ever since the first Iron Man film, and they’re certainly a highlight for any MCU episode in spite of not actually telling us that much about the very next installment. When Far From Home premieres on July 2nd though, you’d better stick around for the credits scenes because we’re getting not one, but two of them, according to ComicBook, which can confirm the news.

We still have no idea what to expect from the Far From Home credits scenes, but this is the movie that ends Phase 3. Whatever Spider-Man 2 ends up teasing in the credits scenes, it’ll all happen in MCU Phase 4 and be our first official taste of things to come.

Marvel already announced eight premiere dates for Phase 4 movies without revealing any titles, but we’ve seen a bunch of credible leaks offering plot details about the upcoming MCU adventures. And we do know that filming for Black Widow is already underway, which means this is likely the first Marvel film from Phase 4.

However, Black Widow is expected to be prequel considering that Natasha just died in Endgame, so the Far From Home post-credits scenes will almost certainly be about something else. What we should expect is for Marvel to tease the next major MCU villain now that Thanos is gone. And we already have a pretty good idea of who it might be, thanks to a huge leak.

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