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Samsung’s bogus copyright claim couldn’t block this video of the Note 7 bomb hack in GTA 5

Samsung Note 7 Exploding

Samsung would like nothing more than to have you forget that the Galaxy Note 7 ever existed. Of course, news surrounding the ordeal is still flowing, and it will continue to emerge for weeks and even months to come. The company was forced to cancel its flagship phablet, which would likely have been one of its top-selling smartphones this holiday season, because a defect in some phones caused them to catch fire or even explode. The company recalled its first run of phones and then issued replacements that were supposed to be safe, but then the replacement phones began combusting as well. Samsung was left with no choice but to discontinue the device and recall every phone that had been sold.

The Galaxy Note 7 may have been cancelled, but it will live on forever in our hearts… and in this hilarious video, which Samsung tried and failed to block from YouTube.

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Back in early October, someone created what almost certainly must be the greatest Grand Theft Auto V hack of all time. The hack added brings a deadly new weapon to GTA 5: an exploding Samsung Galaxy Note 7 that can be tossed like a grenade. It had to be done, and if you play GTA 5 you should check out this post to learn how to get Galaxy Note 7 bomb mode for yourself.

Naturally, videos were uploaded to YouTube showing off the hilarious mod and it’s just as amazing as you might think. Everyone loved it… well, maybe not everyone. Samsung was none too pleased with everyone laughing at its expense, so it filed a (bogus) copyright claim and forced YouTube to take the most popular video of the GTA 5 Note 7 bomb hack down. But that’s not the end of the story — YouTube has realized the claim was ridiculous, and it has unblocked the video on YouTube.

So, to start off your Friday on the right foot, we recommend watching this video at least a half-dozen times. Enjoy.

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