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Pokemon Go ‘Adventure Week’ puts Rock-type Pokemon in the spotlight

Pokemon Go rock event

Just a week after wrapping up the Worldwide Bloom event focusing on Grass-type Pokemon, Niantic has announced another themed event for Pokemon Go. Starting this Thursday at 1:00 PM PT / 4:00 PM ET and lasting until May 25th, Niantic will host Adventure Week in celebration of the 15.8 billion kilometers that the Pokemon Go community has traveled since the game launched last July.

Much like the last two in-game events, Adventure Week will center around a specific type of Pokemon — Rock-type, to be specific. Niantic says that trainers should be on the lookout for Omanyte, Omastar, Kabuto, Kabutops, Aerodactyl and others. Personally, I won’t stop until I find an Onix.

In addition to the increase in Rock-type spawns, more items will drop from every PokeStop you spin, Poke Balls will be 50% off in the store and Buddy Pokemon will find candies four times as fast when you walk around with them. If you’ve been dying to evolve a Pokemon in your collection, this is the time.

Finally, Niantic is adding the Explorer’s Hat avatar item to the game, which will look perfect in your wardrobe next to the Magikarp hat that arrived alongside the Water Festival.

That’s all that we know about the event from Niantic’s official announcement, but we’re hopeful that this event will include some surprises as well. While the Worldwide Bloom event was relatively tame, the Water Festival introduced the first Shiny Pokemon into Pokemon Go. With the one-year anniversary of the game fast approaching, we wouldn’t be surprised to see Niantic start going all out.

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