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During the Pokemon Go Water Festival, you might finally catch a Gyarados

Pokemon Go: Water Festival

Following a few quiet weeks in the world of Pokemon Go, Niantic announced a new event focusing on Water-type Pokemon on Wednesday. The Water Festival, as Niantic calls it, will increase the spawn rate of several Water-type Pokemon and their evolutions beginning today and lasting through March 29th at 4 PM ET.

Starting on Wednesday, March 22nd at 4 PM ET, Pokemon Go trainers will be more likely to find Magikarp, Squirtle, Totodile and each of their evolutions roaming around the in-game world. Additionally, Niantic says that Water-type Pokemon from the Johto region (aka Generation 2 Pokemon) will be more likely to spawn in areas where you would expect to find Water-types, such as around lakes, rivers or beaches.

Aside from the increased spawn rates, Niantic is also adding a Magikarp Hat to the list of available avatar wardrobe items. If you’re willing to shell out the coins, you can dress you avatar up for the Water Festival.

In addition to the new event, Niantic also pushed out a new update for the Pokemon Go app on iOS and Android. According to the release notes, the 7-day ‘First PokéStop of the Day’ streak will now award a random evolution item to trainers, such as the Dragon Scale, King’s Rock or Metal Coat. Evolution items were incredibly hard to come by before the update, but now trainers have a guaranteed way to find one.

If you’re been dying to add a Gyarados, a Blastoise or a Lapras to your Pokemon collection, be sure to log in and play during the Water Festival. And spin PokeStops every day while you’re at it for evolution items.

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