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Pokemon Go ‘Worldwide Bloom’ event: More Grass-type Pokemon this weekend

Pokemon Go grass event

Nearly two months after the Water Festival brought an influx of Water-type Pokemon to the world of Pokemon Go, Niantic announced a new Worldwide Bloom event that will increase Grass-type spawns on Friday. While the Water Festival lasted a full week, Niantic says that the Worldwide Bloom will only be in effect from the afternoon of Friday, May 5th to Monday, May 8th.

In addition to extra Grass-type Pokemon, Lure Modules will also last six hours this weekend, rather than the standard 30 minutes. So if you have some free time, you can just post up at a PokeStop and wait for Bulbasaur, Chikorita, Oddish, Paras, Sunkern and the other Grass-types to come to you.

That’s all the official news we could find regarding the Worldwide Bloom event, but it’s worth noting that the Water Festival quietly introduced the first Shiny Pokemon into the game. Niantic hasn’t said whether or not one (or two or more) of the Grass-type Pokemon will get its own Shiny variant during the event this weekend, but we wouldn’t be surprised to find a new Shiny running around in Pokemon Go.

Some have even speculated that the Bulbasaur appearing in the image on the Pokemon Go blog post for the event (which is also the header of this post) is a Shiny Bulbasaur. In the original Pokemon games, Shiny Bulbasaur isn’t dramatically different from regular Bulbasaur, so it’s hard to tell.

Either way, we’ll be keeping a lookout for news once the event begins later today.

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