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Netflix released our first look at a Korean remake of one of its biggest shows ever

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Korean-language content on Netflix has become such a streaming juggernaut for the service that one particular “R-word” is getting mentioned with increasing regularity. That would be “remakes,” to be more specific. Moreover, they’re starting to be mentioned in the same breath as some of Netflix’s biggest hits. Like Crash Landing on You, a beloved one-season K-drama which we mentioned in a recent post might be getting an American remake — something that raises a lot of worrisome questions for fans of the original, but that’s a subject for another time. For the moment, let’s talk about one of the most-anticipated Netflix 2022 series releases.

This one is a Korean remake of a Spanish-language show that just so happens to also be one of Netflix’s biggest hits of all time. The show is Money Heist (aka La Casa de Papel), and on Monday Netflix gave us the first teaser footage from a Korean remake of the show. Which is coming later this year.

One of the most-anticipated Netflix 2022 series releases

Comments on an Instagram post from “The Swoon,” which unveiled the teaser footage late Monday, include users raving about what looks to be on the way. Comments like: “Omg omg omg omg.” “I never watched the original but this one I will.” “BEEN WAITING FOR THISSSSSS.”

The title of the Korean remake of the show is Money Heist: Korea — Joint Economic Area. From Netflix’s announcement Monday: This show will feature “a genius strategist and his talented crew — composed of top-class thieves — attempting to pull off an unprecedented heist (on) the Korean peninsula.

“The story portrays unexpected twists and turns as the crew stage a hostage (event) while facing inexplicable challenges. All eyes are focused on the background and definition behind the title Joint Economic Area.

Furthermore, this Korean remake directed by Kim Hong-sun will present viewers with the same conceit as the original. There’s a “professor” again, in other words, who directs a group of criminals named after the same cities as in the original. Berlin (played by Park Hae-soo); Tokyo (Jun Jong-seo); Moscow (Lee Won-jong); Denver (Kim Ji-hun); Nairobi (Jang Yoon-ju); Rio (Lee Hyun-woo); Helsinki (Kim Ji-hoon); and Oslo (Lee Kyu-ho).

Money Heist

two dark haired women with guns
A scene is shown from “Money Heist” Season 5 on Netflix. Image source: Tamara Arranz/Netflix

As for the original Money Heist, part two of the show’s fifth and final season was released in early December. And it’s still racking up the viewing hours on Netflix’s global Top 10 ranking, cementing the series’ status as one of the streamer’s biggest releases of all time.

From January 3-January 9, that second half of Money Heist season five was the #6 non-English show on Netflix globally. That’s according to Netflix Top 10 data that it produces on a weekly basis. Through the week ending January 9? The second part of Money Heist season five had spent 12 weeks on Netflix’s global Top 10 list. And in that 7-day period alone, viewers spent almost 19 million hours watching the show.

All of which, consequently, suggests that the forthcoming Korean remake will almost surely rank as one of the top Netflix 2022 series, once it debuts on the streamer.

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