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Leak says the Avengers might get a brand new team member

MCU Phase 5

The Avengers beat Thanos in Endgame, but they lost three team members in the process, including Iron Man and Black Widow, who are both dead, and Captain America, who retired. With Spider-Man out of the roster for the time being thanks to the issues between Sony and Disney, the team definitely needs a few fresh faces. Some of them will be introduced as soon as the MCU Phase 4 kicks off next May, while others might not arrive until MCU Phase 5 or later. Marvel confirmed some of the superheroes that might join the Avengers in a potential Endgame sequel when it announced all of its Phase 4 titles, but the company is also working on film and TV series that are yet to be introduced. And an insider now says that the studio is eyeing one more character who might join the Avengers down the road.

It’s Marvel insider Daniel Richtman, the source of plenty of MCU leaks in the past, who shared the news. Apparently, Kevin Feige wants to bring Ghost Rider to the MCU.

A different insider, Jeremy Conrad from MCU Movies, explains that there are several Ghost Riders to choose from. Robbie Reyes will appear in its own series on Hulu, meaning that two others are left for MCU consideration, including Johnny Blaze and Danny Ketch. Nicholas Cage played the Blaze version in two movies that have nothing two do with the MCU and should be completely forgotten.

Conrad also speculates that Marvel could pair the new Blade, which is coming in Phase 5 or later, with Moon Knight, Ghost Rider, Werewolf by Night, “and even someone like Doctor Strange” in the future.

The next Avengers sequel obviously hasn’t yet been announced. Marvel needs time to develop new adventures and introduce all the new heroes with the help of Phase 5 before moving to the next big threat the Avengers will inevitably have to deal with. Word on the street is that Avengers 5 will actually be a huge cross-over with X-Men. Marvel confirmed that projects involving the mutants are in the works now that Disney owns the rights for the character, but Feige didn’t say when these movies will arrive.

With all that in mind, if Ghost Rider makes it to the MCU as this rumor suggests, we might have to wait a while to see him in theaters — think 2022 or later.

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