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Exciting plot details leak for Marvel’s first MCU Phase 4 TV series

Published Feb 20th, 2020 2:55PM EST
MCU Phase 4 Timeline
Image: Marvel Studios

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe is in for a huge new phase of superhero stories, and that’s because the MCU now has a powerful new component, the Disney+ streaming service. Out of the 14 titles included in Phase 4, eight of them are TV series that will feature some of the same heroes we’ve seen in previous MCU films and brand new superheroes who will join the Avengers later. These limited series will provide additional context and enrich the character arcs that Marvel is developing for the overarching MCU storyline. And it just so happens that two of the most important Disney+ Marvel series premiere later this year, including WandaVision and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Now, someone who supposedly worked with footage from both series has shared new spoilers from the upcoming Disney+ shows.

Disney unveiled a complex trailer for Falcon, WandaVision, and Loki a few weeks ago, giving us a few exciting spoilers for the three shows and confirming some of the previous movies. Then we heard The Falcon and the Winter Soldier will premiere in August, with WandaVision to follow by the end of the year.

Considering what leaks have revealed so far, there are multiple reasons why these shows are so important for Phase 4. Falcon will seemingly help introduce the Thunderbolts, a new team of superheroes that might be teased in Black Widow, and could include Red Hulk at some point down the road. WandaVision will be even more important for the MCU plot, as it’ll supposedly set the stage for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, where Wanda is rumored to become the main villain of the film. The series will also introduce SWORD, the new agency that will replace SHIELD.

With that in mind, we’ll show you a couple of leaks that come from the same Reddit user, Long_Figure, who was supposedly involved in the editing of Marvel’s Expanding the Universe trailer, and who got to look at additional footage from both TV series. Here are both leaks:

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

Hey guys! I don’t know tooo many specifics about the general plot, but I was partially involved with editing the Expanding The Universe teaser and got to see some of what’s already been filmed for Falcon. Few key plot points:

Ross will reappear to restrict Sam from being the new Cap due to his accords violations

Zemo will attempt to trigger Bucky, who then pretends to be in Hydra mode before emptying the gun and saying he doesn’t do that anymore.

We will see some footage of Sam training in the air force falcon program.

During what seems like a crucial battle, it appears Zemo discovers one last trigger word- a deactivation code, knocking out Bucky instantly and presumably killing him. We then see Sam pick up the shield for the first time since being confronted by Ross.

Anyways! Probably deleting this soon just wanted to share some of what I’ve seen on the low.

EDIT: Oh, and with the news about the possible Isaiah casting I just want to add that I 100% believe that. It just hasn’t been filmed, so I haven’t seen it. I’ll be posting about what little I know about Wandavision soon!


Hey guys! To everyone who didn’t see my previous post, I helped with editing the recent Expanding the Universe trailer, and got to see quite a bit of footage from both Falcon and WandaVision. I don’t have a concrete idea of Wandavision’s plot based on the footage I’ve seen outside of my own nerd-knowledge, but here’s what I have seen.

Twins.. duh.

The Agatha Harkness rumors are 100% true. She enters Wanda’s fantasy as her ‘neighbor’ and eventually infiltrates the delusion in unclear ways, but she appeared to be an anti hero from what I saw.

There’s a shirtless Vision scene. He’s in boxers. This isn’t relevant to the plot it’s just.. a lot to process and I’m warning you all.

Monica Rambeau! She’s kickass and will be a fan favorite for sure but I’m worried her fate won’t be as great.. a clip I saw showed her getting presumably mortally wounded in battle.

The sitcom concept is insane. Each episode has a different cheesy intro based on what sitcom it’s emulating and it’s insane.

Hints at Pietro’s return?

Again, can’t say I know much but what I do know is cool as hell.

While we have no way to verify these details, the leaks do have some potentially exciting gems. They confirm Sam won’t be allowed to carry the Captain America shield at first, something we know from set photos and from the trailer, which showed a different Marvel character in Cap attire. As for Bucky’s death, well, that can’t happen just yet, but it could be an interesting cliffhanger.

When it comes to WandaVision, the leak confirms that Wanda and Vision’s kids will show up in the series, and so will her dead brother, Pietro. Also interesting is the Monica Rambeau reference. Set photos have revealed she’ll be part of SWORD, and other leaks said she’ll even replace Carol Danvers as Captain Marvel further down the road.

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