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Peter Parker may partner up with an unexpected Avenger in ‘Spider-Man 3’

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MCU fans freaked out last summer when the Sony vs. Disney squabble over Spider-Man went public. Eventually, it reached a somewhat happy conclusion, as the studios agreed to share the hero so that each of them could use Tom Holland’s Peter Parker to pursue their own interests. Marvel wanted Spider-Man for future MCU movies, while Sony wanted to develop its own series of films that would be loosely connected to the MCU.

Reports detailing the deal said that the studios agreed on collaborating on two more movies, including Spider-Man 3, which will premiere next year, and an unannounced crossover film — probably Avengers 5. Nothing is confirmed so far regarding Spidey’s future in the MCU, and a report went as far as to say that Marvel might be toying with the idea of removing Parker from the MCU altogether in the future. Until that happens, however, we’ll see Peter dealing with the biggest challenges he’s ever had to face in a Sony or Marvel film so far. And Spidey is reportedly getting help from an unexpected source.

As we saw in Homecoming, and especially Far From Home, Peter is still too young to deal with the all of pressures that come with being a superhero. He still needs some of his work buddies to mentor him, and that will be a key plot point in Spider-Man 3, a film that will show us how Peter deals with the fact that Spider-Man’s identity is no longer a secret. Not only that, but Parker is accused of having murdered what many bystanders believe to be the most impressive hero to emerge since Iron Man died.

Tony Stark was Peter’s first mentor, with Happy and not-actually-Nick-Fury taking over that role in Far From Home. In Spider-Man 3, Spider-Man is rumored to partner with someone that we didn’t really see coming.

According to We Got This Covered’s sources, Tom Holland really wants to work with Paul Rudd on this project, which means we’d get to see Ant-Man and Spider-Man interact and work together in Spider-Man 3. That would certainly be an interesting dynamic to follow, considering the two characters haven’t exactly shared much screen time since Civil War. Rudd’s Ant-Man was really a breakout character in Endgame, being responsible, directly and indirectly, for the course of events. Not to mention that the Ant-Man franchise is actually a key pillar for the MCU’s future, especially if we’re looking at a storyline that will involve exploring the multiverse. With that in mind, seeing more of Scott Lang with the Avengers in the aftermath of Endgame does make sense.

A previous rumor said that Doctor Strange, Captain Marvel, and Ms. Marvel were in the cards for Spider-Man 3. However, the report states that Benedict Cumberbatch’s contract only covers Doctor Strange 2 and one other movie, which could be a massive crossover film. The Carol Danvers and Ms. Marvel duo will reportedly be saved for Captain Marvel 2 and the Ms. Marvel show coming to Disney+.

Mind you, these are just rumors for the time being, so treat them accordingly. Even if they are real, there’s plenty of time for Marvel to change its mind, and if there’s anything that Endgame proves, it’s that the final plot of the film will see plenty of revisions from pre-production to the final cut.

Separately, reports said back in November that Ant-Man 3 is also in the making with Peyton Reed returning to direct. The film will supposedly launch in 2022, and could very well be one of the first films of Phase 5.

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