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Marvel teases Avengers team-ups unlike anything we’ve seen before

Published Sep 14th, 2021 10:35PM EDT
What If Avengers
Image: Marvel Studios

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Marvel might not have announced its Avengers 5 release, but the movie is certainly in the works. Kevin Feige suggested as much in a recent interview, but he reminded us that we still need to wait for this particular film. Before that happens, Marvel has to introduce new characters who will replace the superheroes and villains that are no longer in the picture. But we don’t have to wait several years to get a glimpse at the new Avengers teams. Marvel is about to show us at least a couple of Avengers teams that are unlike anything we’ve seen before. And it’s all coming to Disney Plus in the coming weeks via the What If…? TV series.

What If…? has an overarching story

If you don’t already subscribe, you need to get Disney Plus right now. Trust us, you won’t want to miss out on what’s coming.

We just learned that What If…? has an overarching story. We already knew the animated TV show would offer alternate Avengers stories that happen in different timelines of the multiverse. And we knew these stories would be canon for the MCU, allowing some of the character variants to appear in live-action adventures down the road.

The What If…? episodes offer great standalone stories, and they’re fun to watch. We see all these new possibilities in the multiverse, with The Watcher (Jeffrey Wright) guiding us along the way. But knowing there’s a connecting story makes What If…? even more exciting.

That means some of the Avengers who appeared in separate episodes will mingle and interact by the end. Marvel hinted at this even before What If…? premiered. The studio showed an animated TV commercial that implied future Avengers team-ups are in order for the TV series.

That was only a commercial, so it’s unlikely to spoil any What If…? secrets. Fast forward to Tuesday, however, and Marvel released a mid-series sneak peek of What If…? that reminds us what happened so far in the first half of the series. It also teases what’s coming in the four remaining episodes. And it’s the new footage that gives us these brand new Avengers teams that are unlike anything we have seen so far in the main MCU timeline.

The new Avengers teams

For example, one team features Black Widow, Captain Carter, Thor, and the Thanos version of Gamora. Is this the universe where Hank Pym killed many of the original six Avengers? Only Black Widow and Steve Rogers seem to have survived that one. But why is Thor on this team? What about Captain Carter?

Interestingly, Black Widow uses Hawkeye’s bow and arrow, and they all seem to be fighting Ultron’s army.

What If...? Trailer
Black Widow, Captain Carter, Gamora, and Thor seen in What If…? mid-season trailer. Image source: Marvel Studios

A different Thor version meets Strange Supreme, the evil version of Doctor Strange who destroyed his entire universe. The two of them talk about zombies, which means they might interact with the Avengers remnants that we saw in last week’s What If…Zombies? episode.

Indeed, there is a shot in the new What If…? promo video that shows that team fighting someone else. It’s the one where Ant-Man is a floating head. You can’t miss it.

What If...? Trailer
Avengers including floating Ant-Man head in What If…? mid-season trailer. Image source: Marvel Studios

On top of that, the promo video teases a different story on Sakaar. We see the Grandmaster and Korg in the clip. And we know from the trailers that Tony Stark will build a different Iron Man suit over on Sakaar.

Speaking of Iron Man, there’s an Endgame-like episode where Tony Stark will apparently not snap his fingers to kill Thanos when the time comes.

What If...? Trailer
Strange Supreme next to Thor in What If…? mid-season trailer. Image source: Marvel Studios

Then there’s Killmonger, who will save a different Iron Man variant in one of the episodes, according to previous What If…? trailers. Is this the Iron Man who won’t snap the Infinity Gauntlet?

Given that we have four more episodes left in What If…?, we’re bound to see a few exciting Avengers team-ups as soon as tomorrow. Each new episode launches on Wednesday, and you will need a Disney Plus subscription to see these new Avengers teams in action.

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