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Leaks claim Marvel is about to introduce the X-Men hero we’ve all been dying to see

Published Apr 15th, 2021 10:33AM EDT
Marvel Movies Rumors
Image: Marvel Studios

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We’re approaching the end of another Marvel TV show on Disney+, as only two episodes remain in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. MCU Phase 4 is off to a great start despite not delivering any of the movies we were promised. Both WandaVision and Falcon showed us what Marvel can do in this particular format. Disney+ allows the studio to tell richer stories and focus on characters who haven’t been thoroughly explored in the movies.

The nature of the MCU makes it almost impossible for some of the Disney+ shows to have sequels. WandaVision is the best example of that, as the series tells a particular story that ends with the finale. As for Falcon, there can’t be a second season for this duo for a very simple reason. Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie) won’t go by Falcon for much longer. He’ll become the hero we expect him to be, the Captain America that Steve Rogers saw in him.

It’s likely that other limited MCU TV series will not get second seasons, with the characters moving on to other MCU projects. But specific superhero stories might extend well beyond a single season. A few new leaks claim that Wolverine, the mutant we want to see join the Avengers now that Disney owns the rights to the X-Men, will appear in several upcoming movies and TV shows.

The TV shows

According to That Hashtag Show, a Wolverine anthology series is in early development for Disney+. The report notes that Marvel has yet to cast the leading superhero, and the studio also hasn’t yet chosen a director or showrunner.

The report says Marvel is toying with the idea of exploring the many sides of this popular character. The anthology series would play out similarly to American Horror Story, where it all resets after each season. According to sources, Marvel and Kevin Feige are confident that an anthology series can explore Wolverine’s history without affecting the character’s role in X-Men films.

Initially, Marvel is said to be looking to adapt the Weapon X story arc for the first season of its new show. This would be the hero’s origin story and it would play out in the MCU, so hooks to other MCU properties would be expected.

The Hashtag Show says that Marvel hopes to have something to announce about the Wolverine TV series at some point later this year.

The movies

Separately, GeekosityMag’s Mikey Sutton has two distinct Wolverine scoops. He says that Marvel is working on a Patch film featuring Wolverine. This would connect Wolverine with Madripoor, the famous X-Men location that was featured for the first time in the MCU thanks to The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. The report says that the Patch version of Wolverine could be explored in a second Wolverine movie, while the first film could have the mutant face-off with Hulk. Marvel of course maps out the MCU’s course several years in advance, long before announcing any new titles.

Marvel is reportedly going for a “rollicking pirate movie” for the film and will push the envelope of PG-13 violence in Madripoor. This new Wolverine apparently won’t have the same dark tone as Logan, the last movie where we saw Wolverine in action. But Marvel will reportedly keep the character “fresh” in the MCU. Wolverine is getting a new beginning, and Marvel will explore other places and movie genres with the character.

Hugh Jackman

In a separate report, Sutton mentions the actor we all want to see play Wolverine in the same universe as our favorite Avengers. That’s Hugh Jackman, who confirmed a few years ago that he’s done with the character. Logan was his last Wolverine adventure. But, again, that was before Disney purchased Fox and the X-Men returned home to Marvel.

Sutton now claims that Jackman wants to see what Marvel intends to do with the character before calling it quits. Jackman doesn’t want the new Wolverine movies to ruin the Fox character’s arc, where the mutant died at the end.

The actor reportedly met with Marvel, expressing his concerns about reviving his Wolverine after the hero died. Kevin Feige apparently reassured him that whatever Wolverine he’d play for the MCU, it wouldn’t be the character who died in Logan. Instead, Jackman would play a Logan from the multiverse with a different story and continuity. If this conversation sounds familiar, that’s because we’ve heard similar rumblings about bringing dead Avengers back to the MCU.

The report notes that two Marvel properties are being considered for Jackman’s Wolverine. One is Secret Wars. The other is a second Deadpool film for the MCU, which would be Deadpool 4. Marvel doesn’t want its first Deadpool movie to introduce two characters, Ryan Reynolds’s Deadpool and Jackman’s Wolverine. But the mutant could appear in a sequel seeing as Deadpool will be jumping around the multiverse.

As is the case with all other Marvel rumors, these scoops can’t be confirmed. But these leaks indicate that Marvel wants to make the most of Wolverine in the MCU, and that’s an exciting prospect for future Avengers and X-Men team-ups.

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