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How to watch March Madness 2017: Schedule, time and streams for every game

Updated 6 years ago
Published Mar 16th, 2017 11:48AM EDT
March Madness: Schedule
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After some thrilling matches in the First Four games on Tuesday and Wednesday, the field of 64 is finally set and March Madness can begin. On Thursday, the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament will kick off with a game between (5) Notre Dame and (12) Princeton on CBS a little after noon ET, followed by 15 other games on four different networks that will take us all the way to midnight.

There are several ways to tune in to all 32 first round match-ups on Thursday and Friday. If you have access to a television and cable, all you need to do is switch between CBS, TBS, truTV and TNT depending on what game you want to watch. We have the entire schedule below to help you decide.

You can also watch every game in your browser on the NCAA website, where all of the games will be streaming in HD. You will need a cable login to access the games via the website though.

Alternatively, you can also watch the entire tournament on the NCAA March Madness Live app [iOS | Android]. Once again, you will have to use a cable login to watch the games, but you can always sign up for a free trial of Sling TV, DirecTV Now or PlayStation Vue, all of which have TBS, TNT and truTV in at least one of their packages. Access to CBS depends on what market you’re in, so be sure to check before signing up.

Keep in mind that the tournament ends on April 3rd with the national championship game, but a one-week trial should at least get you through the second round, which wraps up on March 19th.

Below, we’ve put together a schedule for the first 32 match-ups of the tournament, including the date, time and channel of each game. Once the first round has ended, we’ll be sure to update this post with the match-ups for the Round of 32, the Sweet Sixteen and so on. So be sure to keep checking in here throughout the month.

First Round (Round of 64) Schedule

Game Date Time (ET) Network
(5) Notre Dame vs. (12) Princeton March 16th 12:15 PM CBS
(5) Virginia vs. (12) UNC-Wilmington March 16th 12:40 PM truTV
(4) Butler vs. (13) Winthrop March 16th 1:30 PM TNT
(1) Gonzaga vs. (16) South Dakota State March 16th 2:00 PM TBS
(4) West Virginia vs. (13) Bucknell March 16th 2:45 PM CBS
(4) Florida vs. (13) East Tennessee State March 16th 3:10 PM truTV
(5) Minnesota vs. (12) Middle Tennessee State March 16th 4:00 PM TNT
(8) Northwestern vs. (9) Vanderbilt March 16th 4:30 PM TBS
(6) Maryland vs. (11) Xavier March 16th 6:50 PM TNT
(1) Villanova vs. (16) Mt. St Mary’s March 16th 7:10 PM CBS
(7) St. Mary’s vs. (10) VCU March 16th 7:20 PM TBS
(4) Purdue vs. (13) Vermont March 16th 7:27 PM truTV
(3) Florida State vs. (14) Florida Gulf Coast March 16th 9:20 PM TNT
(8) Wisconsin vs. (9) Virginia Tech March 16th 9:40 PM CBS
(2) Arizona vs. (15) North Dakota March 16th 9:50 PM TBS
(5) Iowa State vs. (12) Nevada March 16th 9:57 PM truTV
(7) Michigan vs. (10) Oklahoma State March 17th 12:15 PM CBS
(3) Baylor vs. (14) New Mexico State March 17th 12:40 PM truTV
(8) Arkansas vs. (9) Seton Hall March 17th 1:30 PM TNT
(3) Oregon vs. (14) Iona March 17th 2:00 PM TBS
(2) Louisville vs. (15) Jacksonville State March 17th 2:45 PM CBS
(6) Southern Methodist vs. (11) USC March 17th 3:10 PM truTV
(1) North Carolina vs. (16) Texas Southern March 17th 4:00 PM TNT
(6) Creighton vs. (11) Rhode Island March 17th 4:30 PM TBS
(1) Kansas vs. (16) UC Davis March 17th 6:50 PM TNT
(7) Dayton vs. (10) Wichita State March 17th 7:10 PM CBS
(2) Duke vs. (15) Troy March 17th 7:20 PM TBS
(6) Cincinnati vs. (11) Kansas State March 17th 7:27 PM truTV
(8) Miami vs. (9) Michigan State March 17th 9:20 PM TNT
(2) Kentucky vs. (15) Northern Kentucky March 17th 9:40 PM CBS
(7) South Carolina vs. (10) Marquette March 17th 9:50 PM TBS
(3) UCLA vs. (14) Kent State March 17th 9:57 PM truTV

Second Round (Round of 32) Schedule

Game Date Time (ET) Network
(4) West Virginia vs. (5) Notre Dame March 18th 12:10 PM CBS
(1) Villanova vs. (8) Wisconsin March 18th 2:40 PM CBS
(1) Gonzaga vs. (8) Northwestern March 18th 5:15 PM CBS
(3) Florida State vs. (11) Xavier March 18th 6:10 PM TNT
(4) Butler vs. (12) Middle Tenn. March 18th 7:10 PM TBS
(2) Arizona vs. (7) St. Mary’s March 18th 7:45 PM CBS
(4) Florida vs. (5) Virginia March 18th 8:40 PM TNT
(4) Purdue vs. (5) Iowa State March 18th 9:40 PM TBS
(2) Louisville vs. (7) Michigan March 19th 12:10 PM CBS
(2) Kentucky vs. (10) Wichita State March 19th 2:30 PM CBS
(1) Kansas vs. (9) Michigan State March 19th 5:15 PM CBS
(1) North Carolina vs. (8) Arkansas March 19th 6:10 PM TNT
(3) Oregon vs. (11) Rhode Island March 19th 7:10 PM TBS
(3) Baylor vs. (11) USC March 19th 7:30 PM truTV
(2) Duke vs. (7) South Carolina March 19th 8:30 PM TNT
(3) UCLA vs. (6) Cincinnati March 19th 9:30 PM TBS

Sweet Sixteen Schedule

Game Date Time (ET) Network
(3) Oregon vs. (7) Michigan March 23rd 7:09 PM CBS
(1) Gonzaga vs. (4) West Virginia March 23rd 7:39 PM TBS
(1) Kansas vs. (4) Purdue March 23rd 9:39 PM CBS
(2) Arizona vs. (11) Xavier March 23rd 10:09 PM TBS
(1) North Carolina vs. (4) Butler March 24th 7:09 PM CBS
(3) Baylor vs. (7) South Carolina March 24th 7:29 PM TBS
(2) Kentucky vs. (3) UCLA March 24th 9:39 PM CBS
(4) Florida vs. (8) Wisconsin March 24th 10:09 PM TBS
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