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Loki explaining his Marvel TV series in 30 seconds is the only promo you need to see

Published May 21st, 2021 12:01PM EDT
Loki Spoilers
Image: Disney

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We still have plenty of time to wait until June 9th, when Loki is set to debut on Disney+. But we’re now close enough to the show’s premiere that the marketing campaign is in full swing. We’ve seen the newest trailers, TV clips, and featurettes, but if there’s one thing you absolutely need to see to understand where the Loki in Loki comes from, it’s the newest promo that Marvel released.

Loki (Tom Hiddleston) explains in about 30 seconds what’s been going on with his character in the MCU in the past decade, offering a quick recap of all of his mischievous adventures. It’s the only Loki promo you need to see, as it contains the one brief detail all MCU fans need to be aware of before embarking on this new journey. One spoiler follows below, but something we all already know and it’s all Loki’s fault.

We’ve explained before why Loki might be the most exciting TV show of this early Phase 4 series of MCU adventures. We already know that the new TV shows won’t really address major events or character reveals. That’s meant to happen in the MCU movies that will move the overarching storyline forward. But Loki will offer us a look behind the scenes at the authority charged with managing the time and space continuums and ensuring the various realities that we got to explore briefly in Endgame aren’t in any danger.

The new 60-second clip that Marvel just posted has Loki revisiting all the movies since the first Thor all the way through Avengers: Endgame. In the process, we get to revisit his character’s arc. Loki may have started as a villain, but he was a villain who we’ve loved to hate. Or better said, he was not so much a villain but an anti-hero.

With each new adventure that involved Thor and the Avengers, Loki came closer and closer to becoming a hero and a real Avenger himself. Nobody anointed him as an Avengers team member, but he did prove his worth in Thor: Ragnarok and Infinity War. The last thing Loki did to redeem himself was to try murdering Thanos early on in Infinity War. The titan killed him then and there, and that’s when we all lost this timeline’ Loki and all the character evolution we enjoyed over the past decade.

Loki explains everything perfectly in the new clip, focusing on the one detail we all need to be aware of before watching the series. This isn’t our Loki. The Avengers managed to go back in time to stop Thanos, as Loki reminds us, “giving an earlier version of me a chance to grab the Tesseract.” The Loki who got the Tesseract and fled Earth isn’t the same Loki who atoned for his previous wrongdoings. He’s still the villainous guy who wanted to conquer Earth for Thanos. He’s a blank slate in terms of redemption, if you will.

After that, Loki goes on to reveal the Loki spoiler we already know. After he stole that Infinity Stone in Endgame, he’s been given a job offer “from some group that calls itself the TVA.” That’s the Time Variance Authority, the organization that manages all the timelines to ensure that beings like Loki don’t mess with them and cause serious problems.

Marvel’s Loki in 30 Seconds clip follows below.

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