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Leak claims this will be the first MCU movie where the Avengers and X-Men meet

Updated Sep 1st, 2021 7:59AM EDT
Doctor Strange X-Men
Image: Sony and Marvel

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Spider-Man: No Way Home

might be the most anticipated MCU movie of 2021, but it’s hardly the most exciting in the MCU Phase 4. This year alone we’re getting a brand new team of superheroes with Eternals, one of the most ambitious MCU projects ever made. Next year, we’ll delve right into madness with the Doctor Strange 2 sequel. We’ve told you before that Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness will be one of the most exciting Phase 4 movies. That was well before the film had a final script. The current Doctor Strange 2 rumors have a different type of weight. That’s because Marvel already finished principal shooting for the movie earlier this year. And the leaks are only getting more exciting, like the revelation that the big Doctor Strange 2 villain will bring over the X-Men to the MCU.

Mind you, absolutely massive spoilers follow below. Unlike No Way Home, these are multiverse secrets that not many people know, so you’ll want to avoid them if you hate spoilers.

Marvel’s X-Men mutants

Marvel confirmed in late July 2019 that it’s working on X-Men projects. That was right after the Infinity Saga had ended. Kevin Feige had announced many of the Phase 4 projects that we’re now watching on Disney Plus and in theaters. But Feige only told fans that mutants projects are in the making, without revealing titles, casts, or release windows.

Two years later, the MCU’s X-Men are still a mystery. Well, there was this one guy in WandaVision. And then there was one other guy in this movie. Also, technically, Deadpool is a mutant. But Marvel is yet to announce anything involving the X-Men group. We have no idea when and how they’ll be unveiled in the MCU.

Like with the Eternals, Marvel has to figure out a big mystery. What the mutants were doing on the planet while the Avengers were saving the day? That’s where Doctor Strange 2 might help.

Hugh Jackman Wolverine
Hugh Jackman playing Wolverine in Logan. Image source: Fox

Doctor Strange 2 might have more X-Men mutants

After all, we saw all sorts of crazy rumors in the past few years saying that Multiverse of Madness will feature plenty of surprise cameos. Just last week, we heard that Charles Xavier (Professor X) will appear in Doctor Strange 2. We even saw some claiming that Patrick Stewart will play the X-Men leader in the Doctor Strange sequel rather than James McAvoy.

According to Grace Randolph’s scoop, it’s more than one mutant dropping in Doctor Strange 2. And again, we’re not even counting Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) here. She wouldn’t reveal any superhero names, but she said that various X-Men will appear in the film. The YouTuber doesn’t know whether it’s the old X-Men guard or the younger actors that Marvel will use. After all, Fox came up with two different X-Men lineups in its movies.

While it’s unclear whether Marvel will keep any of the old Fox actors in its future X-Men rosters, there is an explanation for why Feige & Co. would want Fox’s mutants. As Randolph explains, the 13 Fox X-Men movies made a combined $6 billion at the box office. The franchise has a massive following, and fans would love to see some Fox characters in the MCU. That’s the reason why No Way Home is so incredibly exciting right now. Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield are going to suit up as Spider-Man variants, joining the MCU in the process.

If the revelation that multiple X-Men heroes from Fox are coming to the MCU isn’t crazy enough, we’ve got another shocker. The same Randolph explained that Marvel’s big new villain for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness will bring over the mutants to the MCU.

Elizabeth Olsen as the Scarlet Witch in the last episode of WandaVision. Image source: Marvel Studios

It’s going to be Wanda all along

Early Doctor Strange 2 rumors said that Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) will be a massive surprise. She’ll be one of the villains or a major antagonist. Even last week’s claim that Professor X is coming to the film included Wanda. The two would fight in the movie, the leaks said.

At the time, we said it’s unclear how big of a villain Wanda will be in Doctor Strange 2. Randolph explains that she’ll be quite a big one. And a pretty dangerous baddie as well. The YouTuber said she knows Wanda will bring some of Fox’s X-Men to the Doctor Strange sequel.

Randolph reminds us that Wanda is a mutant in the comics, where she’s Magneto’s daughter. Wanda got rid of the mutants in the comics. So it would be “very poetic” for her to bring them to the MCU.

“I hear she is the villain of Doctor Strange 2,’ she said, adding that Wanda “will fight everyone as she presumably tries to rescue her children and is driven to madness by the Darkhold, which is known to corrupt anyone who reads it.” We last saw Wanda teaching herself Darkhold magic during the WandaVision post-credits.

We saw Wanda willing to become a villain in the Disney Plus show to protect her family. It’s her grief that humanized her, and we only started exploring that in WandaVision.

Fighting some of the Avengers in Doctor Strange 2

“As in the comics, Wanda’s actions might put her at odds with her fellow heroes, but her motivations will be very sympathetic,” Randolph said. The YouTuber also teased the amazing Wanda vs. Avengers confrontation. “Wanda being a villain the “House of M” [comics] and what she did, and what she did to the Avengers is iconic. And so to have her unleashed in the MCU… trust me she will be a vision to behold.”

“Everyone loves a good villain, and since she’s a villain, she will be able to let loose,” Randolph said while adding that Wanda will probably be redeemed by the end.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness launches on March 25th, 2022, assuming the current schedule sticks. We have plenty of time to see how No Way Home connects to the Doctor Strange sequel and learn more of the latter’s secrets.

Randolph’s full clip follows below.

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